Sunday, October 19, 2014

garlic, huge zucchini + a monarch butterfly

one morning last week it was a race against the rain as i rushed to get our garlic in the ground. we didn't harvest as much as last year, so for planting i had to supplement with organic cloves from the health food store. this time i planted almost seventy cloves to be sure we have enough to eat, share and replant next year. (fingers crossed the animals don't dig them up!)
things are still growing at the community garden. there were some gigantic zucchini in our plot waiting to be picked. that's the last of them, since i had to pull the plants to make room for the garlic. my plans are to grate and cube them, pack them with the foodsaver and freeze them for future raw and cooked breads. also, i picked a rutabaga that already went into a red lentil soup, a beet, a little red pepper, some cherry tomatoes and arugula that popped up on its own this year.
a beautiful butterfly kept me company while i was planting the garlic cloves. you'd think butterflies would be scarce now, but i've been seeing a lot of monarchs, and it was october when my niece and i saw all sorts of butterflies in my mom's garden. halloween used to put me in the mood for dead, spooky décor, but now i'll take my colorful plants and butterflies as long as i can!:)


  1. Monarchs are beautiful, I read or heard recently that they are close to becoming endangered (at least where I live in canada) because the milkweed plants are being destroyed too rapidly.

    I love the idea of a community garden, we have a balcony garden but you can only grow so much on it! Lovely looking garlic plants :)

  2. Nice to catch up with you again :-) Seventy cloves should get you through a year! I hope they're very successful!

  3. Beautiful post Kelli!!!! I don't know if you remember or not, but the older 2 children and I use to "raise" Monarchs in our butterfly garden and we plan on planting another one. It was a beautiful experience!!!!
    Peace & Raw Health,


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