Saturday, October 11, 2014

around here

kale is still thriving and actually tastes better after a few frosts! this raised garden is growing in front of a healthier fast food restaurant we recently tried called b.good. everything was delicious and we can't wait to go back! next time i'll try to remember to take pictures of what we ate.=)

beet greens seem to taste better in the fall as well. we added some to our smoothie along with carrots, celery, garden zucchini, bananas, a golden delicious apple, a beet, spirulina and chlorella.

stir-fry has been a weekly thing since the cooler weather brought baby bok choy back to the csa. it's my favorite way to prepare bok choy!

the csa is also offering the last of its eggplant. i chose a small one and made a chunky tomato sauce with white mushrooms in the crock-pot. served with rotini and fresh garden basil - mmm!

when i found myself with extra time in the kitchen, i prepped and cut veggies for two meals this week. it was a huge help and only required a little bit of planning! i'd like to make this a habit and hopefully share some tips in the future.

this is the second time i've made a creamy butternut squash soup and thought, meh. john and i both agreed the gluten-free garlic bread croutons made the meal!
the calendar may say it's fall, but many of our summer plants are still blooming! i cut some small sunflowers, cosmos, zinnia, and pineapple sage flowers for a bouquet and am drying lavender in a magnetic clip hanging on my fridge. we've also had goldenrod and coriander drying in our second shower the past two months. whatever works, right?=)

have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Always love your posts! Always so bright and cheery! :)

  2. I'm trying my hand at growing Kale for the first time,so far so good.We have a cold front coming but no frost.The food looks yummy!

  3. My fig tree was a no show! We thought it died but my hubby cut it back a lot and finally green leaves and buds showed, but no figs! :( I heard that happened to a lot of people in NJ from the cold winter we had.

    I know, the comments are weird on my blog now, it's like a facebook comment thing. I am trying to figure it out myself! ;)

  4. There's my beautiful sunburst Kelli style!!!!!! All of your produce and food looks so amazing my friend!!!!


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