Monday, February 3, 2014

music monday + a recipe round-up

another SNOW DAY!

this is me on snow days. but in my pjs. indoors of course.

(side note: when john and i went to amsterdam at the end of march it was freezing and snowy, just like today. we still had a great time walking around, and had an excuse to make frequent stops for cappucinos, pastries and special tea.;)

onto the recipes. this week's meal plan is rather boring (easy stir-fry, chili and soups in the slow cooker, a-gain. today i made another delicious minestrone in the crockpot.) so instead of posting repeats, i thought i'd put together a collection of yummy recipes i've been bookmarking.

first up we have a garlicky kale salad with CHICKPEA CROUTONS from a blog that i adore written by an organic farmer in the northwest called dishing up the dirt. her recipes always entice me and i love to catch a glimpse of her farm and cute dog too. 

love and lemons posted a healthy loaded sweet potato recipe that i'd love to try with cashew chipotle cream (sort of like the one i made last week). cashews make a great creamy base for sweet and savory recipes, but i do try to eat them in moderation.

soy we eat in moderation too, so every few months i'll make a stir-fry with non-gmo tofu. blessed vegan life's stir-fry looks pretty darn good with peanuts and brussel sprouts, yum yum!

over the weekend my poor little niece alaina broke her arm. i want to make her elizabeth's vegan strawberry mylk. i think she will love the taste and the ingredients will aid in her healing.

any other recommendations for kid-friendly nutritious treats?

wishing you a delicious and nutritious week!



  1. That salad looks so good! my nieces like fruit leather. maybe some homemade?

    1. great idea, thank you! just made some with mango, pineapple, lemon, vanilla bean and honey. i usually add banana but none of mine are ripe. thanks again lymie!=)

  2. Dishing Up the Dirt - great blog...thanks for sharing the link, I never would have found it!!!

    I hope Alaina heals quickly...sending love and hugs her way!


  3. What a wonderful trip you must have had!!
    Love your line up of things to make. Thanks for mentioning me ;)
    A bone builder is Vit K = fresh watercress!!! I actually just posted my recipe on Instagram a moment ago!! It is soooo good. If you use enough bananas and mixed berries for her she wont detect the watercress! Plus the hemp and chia make it extra yummy. I hope she heals fast and isn't in too much pain. Two of our sons broke their arms just a few months apart from each other--I was a total wreck-they were fine of course.
    Peace & Raw Health,

    1. it was wonderful. i wish we could go back!

      thanks for the tips!

  4. Hi Kelliann, Love the video. Don said he loves the boat. Haha! Enjoying the hemp hearts on salads. So good! xoxox


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