Monday, February 10, 2014

love is in the air : valentine diys + a love story
early in our relationship, john and i agreed not to do gifts anymore. the superficial stuff just started to feel silly and we're not ones for going through the motions. i also said no more flowers please (unless they're potted) because i feel bad throwing cut flowers away (well we compost them, but still) and now kati tries to eat them which isn't good since some plants can be toxic to animals.
so our valentine's days are low-key and stress-free, just the way we like 'em. it comes and goes like any other day around here and though you may think that's boring, it's actually really nice! of course we're extra sweet to each other and i may even make or buy chocolates. and john will be extra patient with my questions and may even offer to take me somewhere he dreads going like to the thrift store or food shopping. (yes, we really know how to do romance over here!)
valentine's day is a special date for us, actually, because that was the day we had our first unofficial date in 2007. we were just old friends from high school when john myspaced me on my bday (feb 11th) and then again on vday, and said let's go out and represent the sexy singles.=) (aww, remember myspace?) it was snowy so john came and picked me up, and i wore black in protest of the stupid lover's holiday (because that's how i was feeling that year, though i did wear a red tank top peaking from underneath my sweater.=) from that day on we were inseparable.
my mom knew something was up, but since i dated john's close friend in high school, i thought anything more than friends was out of the question. i told her i just wanted him to be my best friend. people would say a guy who wants to see you every day doesn't just want to be friends! but that's what we were - best friends from the start. in less than two weeks a romantic relationship developed, and here we are now, love twins for life.=)
what i was getting at is though it's a special date for us that holds some very sweet memories, we don't do gifts, but if we did, i think i would have to insist that it be something from the heart, preferably hand-made or hand-written. or maybe even a nice surprise like straightening up the basement (ahem, john if you're reading). so throughout this long-winded post are photos that link to some beautiful diys i'd love to receive or make for myself any time of year really. how about you?

edit: just saw lesley jean's love: lotion bars and had to add them.

happy monday!



  1. awwww! what a beautiful story!!!

    and I definitely remember the days of my space!!!!

    Happy Birthday my sweet friend!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! <3

  2. thank you nelly! (i loved myspace=) i love you too! xoxoxoxo

  3. Happy B-day sweet kelli!!! Beautiful post, I just loved what you wrote. So beautiful. John is a very lucky man to have a sweet gem like you.
    Peace & Raw Health & Birthday Wishes,

    1. aww thanks elizabeth! and i'm lucky to have him (most of the time anyway hehe)

  4. That's the secret isn’t falling in love with a true friend, friendship builds strong foundatiions for lasting love for sure!


  5. Happy belated birthday, beautiful!


  6. true story! it's also true that i'm blessed to have kelli.

    my favorite "thing" about kelli: she gets sweeter with each passing year.


  7. We don't do gifts either....or dinner. It's kind of just another day for us!

    The comment above from John? Unbelievably sweet and cute.

  8. John and Kelliann, I love and admire you both! XOXO


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