Sunday, December 15, 2013

millet vegetable sushi

a few weeks ago i made vegetable sushi rolls with millet instead of our usual quinoa. i like millet but thought it was just ok in sushi. john said it was dry and meh. at least he's honest.

if you'd like to learn how to make vegetable sushi, chef jared shows you how here. if you already make sushi, i'd love to know what you put in your rolls!

as for the millet, i bought it years ago when i was first trying to eat gluten-free. it kept well in the fridge and it's cheaper than quinoa, though john definitely prefers quinoa. but i haven't made quinoa since i learned of its high oxalate content in relation to my interstitial cystitis symptoms. sorry johnny. he likes spinach too but i don't make anything with that eat anymore either. he'll be ok.

it's crazy that things i thought were super healthy for me (in particular quinoa, spinach, and kiwi) may have actually been causing me pain. it's made me see how important it is to be fluid. sometimes the knee-jerk reaction to new information is to reject it because we don't want to change our beliefs after all these years, or just because the truth sounds downright absurd.

i remember coming across and instantly dismissing negative spinach reports on health food sites. in my mind, spinach was one of the best things you could eat! (why did i think that? popeye?)

i'm not trying to deter anyone from spinach or quinoa. i'm just reflecting on and sharing my experience. if i weren't so awkward, i'd be able to make a really sweet analogy here to life and how when we remain open to new information and are willing to challenge and shed false beliefs, we can then shine new light on problem areas and maybe even learn what we need to move forward.

years ago i would have thought it crazy to make a medicinal tea from a weed that grows in the yard. now i can't imagine my life without plantain. it's wild, literally.

since i last posted about all that, i have been feeling really good. i've even eaten some spinach in a pesto, so it's probably ok for me in moderation. there have been no flare-ups, only minor discomfort a couple of times, which the plantain tea helped instantly. last year my flare-up occurred after the holidays, so i need to be mindful this season not to over-do it with the indulgent foods.

so how are you? how has your weekend been? we had another snow day and i helped my neighbor and his kids build a snowman on our lawn (helped as in brought out buttons and a carrot and patted it a few times saying looks great guys!) the older i get, the bigger the baby i am in the cold. i said i had to go in because i was feeling the early signs of frostbite in my fingertips, to which the five year-old girl replied, you should really get some insulated mittens kelli! ha! noted, little lady.=)


  1. One man's meat is another man's poison comes to mind, goof to hear from you lovely!


  2. well, your sushi sure is beautiful!! Millet is a hit here with our children. I make it for them as you would grits, with sea salt and some soy-free Earth Balance. I don't eat it but they claim it is great!
    Your snow day sounded like it was really fun. I thought it was cold here this morning and it was 63 degrees!!! After living in FL for so long one really gets sensitive to temperatures. I have chills right now eating my blended fruit soup and it is 69 degrees. You'd probably think that temp is hot, right??!!
    I'll never forget the cold snowy days growing up in Michigan. We built many a snowmen back then and snow forts. We use to get so much snow. Now it seems like Michigan gets so much less in the way of snowfall.
    Peace & Raw Health,

    1. thank you elizabeth! one of my favorite and quickest way to make my sushi is with just cucumber, avocado and raisins.

      69 degrees is still chilly to me! i lived for snow days when i was a kid. we'd spend the whole day outside and even go around and shovel for money. i'm looking forward to some warmer days this weekend in the forecast.


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