Thursday, December 12, 2013

cell phone snapshots

1 / oreo, one of the baby guinea pigs i'm making.
2 / kati, dreaming sweet kitty dreams.
3 / one of the few decorations i haven't given away - a snowman plug-in from my mom.
4 / fancy snow day snack: carrots and guacamole (also served with mary's gone crackers).

some people take fantastic pictures with their cell phones. i'm not one of them, but i wanted to show you some things that made me happy this week. i hope you're having a wonderful december. hard to believe it's not even technically winter yet! it's freezing!


  1. Kati is sooooooo cute and I really, really like your night light!!!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  2. I love little Miss Kati!!!

    Gorgeous guinea pig!!!!

  3. Those photos are better than the ones I take with my phone. Cute photos :-)

  4. Looks like you had a happy week! Love the pics! xoxo


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