Monday, August 26, 2013

staycation day one

so the wind took me east on saturday to a sleepover with my niece alaina. we giggled at my new goat brothers, ralphie and randy, prepared feasts for cody, lucas and suzy (it was raggedy andy lucas' birthday), and played in the pool, even though it was a cool 77 degrees (brr! said aunt kelli, who only went in and dunked her head because sweet little alaina asked so nicely). fun times!=)


  1. does your family have pet goats?

    1. my mom and stepdad adopted them a few months ago. my stepdad keeps building them toys and that big thing ralphie's on is going to be a double decker house! he loves them and spoils them to no end. i will do a post of them and their living quarters when it's all finished.=)


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