Monday, August 26, 2013

recent reads

i've read some great books lately and wanted to share the titles with you. i'm not much of a book critic, so i've provided links for more detailed reviews.

the emily series by lucy maude montgomery. if only there were more than three books in this series! they were just as sweet as the anne books, and emily is every bit as lovable. spoiler alert : the love saga gave me gray hairs, but all is well in the end.=)

giants in the earth : the trials and tribulations of norwegian pioneers settling the west. it took a few tries to get into this story, but once i was in, i was hooked. it has become one of my favorites.

dance while you can : shirley maclaine reflects on life and relationships from a spiritual standpoint. she sure is a fascinating woman. shirley still acts, and she maintains a website with the vision of "people from around the world gathering to explore their inner self, getting in touch with their Higher Self, and understanding their connection to the Divine." wow, ouiser. who knew?! (and who knew ouiser was spelled like that? not me!=)

the red tent : totally changed my perspective on childbirth and aunt flo. coudn't put this one down.

along the shore : short but sweet tales of love and life by the sea on prince edward island. chose this book especially for summer, and it's what i'm currently reading.

what about you? read any of these? got any recommendations?

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