Monday, February 4, 2013

thought of the day

quote from brahma kumaris thought of the day


  1. i truly truly truly believe in this quote...

    hope you had a lovely weekend my friend! <3

    1. me too.=)

      my weekend had its ups and downs. we had a nice time celebrating my mom's birthday on saturday. yesterday john's sweet grandmom had a heart attack and fell, and was on the floor almost ten hours until we found her, poor lady! when we got to her she was conscious and said she felt no pain - didn't even know she had a heart attack. she is in the icu and in good spirits. thank goodness she is still with us! our birthday is next monday, and she loves that we share a bday.=)

      hope you had a nice weekend with your boys and your knitten! xoxoxo

    2. omg, i am so sorry to hear that!!! so happy that she is ok!!!

      sending you all big big hugs!!!

      i am going to make you something and put it in the mail!!!! might take a while...i'm slow!!!

      thinking about you...miss you.


  2. It breaks my heart knowing poor little Lena was on the floor for 10 hours..Hope you and Lena have an extra special shared birthday this year!!! xoxoxox

  3. Amen to that quote!!
    I feel that once I started truly nurturing myself 3 years ago when I went raw, I am now able to nurture my family even more...its like I have this new found, even stronger energy and desire to take care of others and love them unconditionally. I even found that I can forgive effortlessly and let things that use to bother me just roll off my back.
    I will be praying for your sweet grandmom and ask that you pray for my Mommy!! She is in the hospital--has bleeding in her brain. Showing signs of improvement and they will drain it tomorrow. Pray hard! As I will for you and John as well for G-ma's recovery and strength.
    Happy Birthday!! Hope it is beautiful and joyful.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. Good one. Wanted to tell you I made the crochet headband. :-)

  5. Ps: so sorry about johns grandmother.

  6. I absolutely believe this :-)

    Sorry to hear about Grandma. I will keep her in my thoughts!


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