Monday, February 11, 2013

sweet lena

on february 5th, john's grandmother lena passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loved ones. she would have been 89 today. lena loved her family, dancing, chinese food, and the bachelor.=) she had a very difficult life, but you would never have known. she always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. lena will live in the hearts of all who loved her.

today i turned 32. when i told lena how old i was going to be she said oh, you're just a baby! our perception of age is all relative, i guess. from the start, lena treated me like one of her own grand daughters. she was so happy to learn we shared a birthday and told everyone, more than once. it became a joke amongst the family - "do you know kelli and grandmom have the same birthday?"=)

lena was so generous and loving. she would sit for hours and watch her great-grandbabies with a smile on her face. she thought everything was amazing and 'beauty-ful' and truly knew how to enjoy the little things. when writing the eulogy for his beloved gram, john learned that lena's full name, angelina means 'little angel' in italian. the perfect name for such an angelic soul.

happy birthday, sweet lena. until next time...



  1. i am so sorry for your loss kelliann...sending you, and johnny and his family a ginormous hug.

    very beautiful tribute. truly touched my heart...what a beautiful life! and now, an angel...


  2. So sorry for your loss!!! Lena sounds like she was an amazing lady! Loving thoughts for all of you! And happiest birthday! Xo

  3. Happy Birthday to both of you even if she's gone now, I believe that it's always better to remember people in celebration of a life instead of a mourning. It gives hope to the rest of us that something beautiful is possible in our future.

    1. thank you jenny. i believe that too. i'd want the people i left behind to remember me with smiles and not tears.=)

  4. So sorry for your loss. You seem lucky to have know her. That is the life we all want to life, one that was full and fun and loving. Lovely description of her.

    Happy birthday to you. Hope you take time out to do something nice for yourself.

  5. She is so beautiful! I love what you wrote and I send you and John much love and peace.
    Happy B-day to you both. May perpetual light shine on her.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  6. she sounds amazing, so beautiful, thank you for sharing this tribute.....happy birthday to both of you, sending you much love and lots of smiles :-)))) xoxox


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