Wednesday, September 19, 2012

pressed flower framed heart

i made this flower heart frame for a wedding in early september. attached was a card - "this gift was made with flowers that bloomed the summer of your wedding." i wanted to say something more poetical but that's all i could come up with. my intention was to give the couple a handmade floral keepsake to commemorate the months leading up to their big day.

yours truly attended the wedding as the nanny!=) there were five children ages 2 through 6 in the wedding and along with another girl, i helped care for the kids. it was a challenge, but i had a good time. it took place at the beautiful smithville inn, and we got to ride the carousel in our dresses!=)

most of the flowers in the frame were pressed in july/early august. at first i was pressing them inside books between sheets of tissue paper, but this left creases. so now i use sheets of computer paper or nothing at all. the books are stacked high, and the freshest flowers are on the bottom. the photos i took to show you this process were accidentally deleted. it's pretty simple. just make sure the flowers are really dry in the center before you press!


  1. This is just gorgeous! Amazing colours! :)

  2. so beautiful and so thoughtful!


  3. What a precious gift. I am sure they will cherish it forever.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. what a pretty gift! i love unique wedding presents like that.

  5. what a lovely keepsake!:-)

    thanks for letting us see:-)



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