Friday, August 31, 2012

summer snippets

1 // the pears are in at my mom's house!
 2 // a very colorful week at muth family farm's organic csa.
 3 // matthew kenney's purslane salad with baked beans and tomato. kenney says that purslane is the only plant source of b12! (my mom heard that broccoli sprouts also contain b12). purslane (aka pigweed) is a wild edible that grows like crazy around here.
 4 // a delicious lunch with chickpea patty pita and squishy sweet figs from a local lady selling her figs via craigslist. we had a nice amount of smaller figs this year from our young tree. 
5 // pretty flowers seen in the sky while walking with bub and ev.
6 // my friend missy's sweet baby abbey. we spent some fun summer days swimming at beautiful lake kandle.
7 // a small harvest from the community garden.
8 // quinoa with veggies
9 // sunflower
10 // spicy garden salsa
11 // savory summer squash pancakes (made these two nights in a row!)
12 // moth sipping on some zinnia
13 // one of our summer favorites - grilled zucchini, eggplant and bell pepper over bush's vegetarian baked beans. so yummy and hearty, and pretty easy to make. just grill veggies/heat beans.
14 // vanilla sunflower
15 // kati on the deck rail. she goes outside sans harness now. there's no stopping her.
16 // garden green beans and edamame. most of my edamame plants didn't grow this year, but i found a few survived in the shade of some sunflower and tomato plants.  

my dad's birthday was yesterday. happy birthday papa bear!

have a great weekend everyone. savor the summer goodness!=)


  1. so many veggies!!!! enjoy! the picture of kati is so pretty.

    there is b-12 in plants but it is not the useable form of this. lots of plant chefs, etc, have it wrong. the vegan RD and jack norris, the best vegan RDs, both assert one must use a supplement or fortified food and not rely on plants, because b-12 comes from bacteria.

  2. Beautiful!
    Love all the pics.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Peace and Raw Health,

    1. thank you elizabeth. i hope you are well too. xoxo

  3. What a great roundup of posts! I <3 purslane!! One of the best greens, hard to find though if you don't grow it. You can get it everywhere in Europe!!


    1. thank you nicole! purslane grows wild around here but i've never seen it sold at markets or the seeds featured anywhere. i was introduced to purslane through my csa but they didn't offer it this year. up until now i was just putting it in my smoothies but it's nice whole!

  4. I just love these photos. So vibrant and colorful. I've missed your blog! Glad to visit again. Lots of love to you.

  5. haha, you're a real foodie, kelli-dear! :D me, too!
    food is such an important part of life, isn't it? so better make it healthy. :)

    i know that growing your own veggies is so important in nowadays' world, i guess especially in the states, as here in europe we have more opporturnities to get organic food. you can get it mostly from relatives living in the country-side, or from your own garden as many estonians live in houses..

    i haven't been a good grower this year.. i have been a bit lazy. it's just that my mind has been occupied with other things and hadn't had time for it as much as i would have wanted to. for this year gardening is over for us.. it gets really cold already in estonia in sept.. so now autumn garden.. :(

    but anyhow, let's keep in touch and i'm still hoping you would come to FB. :) I would def. read your posts and stuff. ;) You could always use an alias and different e-mail account to connect to FB.. Just saying..if you'd love to. :)

    I'm happy to hear from you again, and have a great time, darling friend! :)

    take care and talk to you soon!



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