Sunday, May 6, 2012

kati and her perch

for months i asked john to put up a shelf above my desk. when i mentioned kati would like to use it as a perch, it went up the next day. perhaps i should tell him she'd also like to see a new raised bed in the garden.=)

the pennant banner was inspired by all those i've seen online in the past few years. they're so cute and inexpensive to make! just cut out letters, squares and triangles, glue them altogether, then string them with yarn or twine.

at the craft store, i always check to see if their scrapbook paper is on sale - sometimes they're only 25 cents! scrapbook paper can be used in all types of crafts and also makes nice backgrounds for blog pictures. the floral designs are always my favorite.

kati-cakems has been cracking us up. it's amazing the amount of energy she has! last night she jumped into the hamper to relax after a long feather stake-out session.

she also likes to rest in plastic bags and of course the cat cave. she's adorable and exhausting. do they make these things in human sizes?=)


  1. This is the sweetest post! :)

  2. Kati really has it made! Lucky girl! Pretty bunting too. I've always wanted to make one myself.

    1. she is pretty spoiled! she snuggles with john but not me yet, she only wants me to play with her or feed her. i told john i'm feeling used! ha!

  3. Ok, LOVE the color of your walls! Beautiful! And the banner is too cute! The color, the shelf, the banner . . . the cat . . . it's all just so perfect :]

  4. Looks like you've been hard at work in the garden Kelli! can you come and grow a garden for me?? lol. Kati has the good life!!!!

  5. Hi there! I found your lovely blog via Malle's blog (dreamytangerine). I'm a lacto vegetarian and I love your recipes!


  6. Aw! What a sweet kitty. And funny that John was quick to put up the shelf for Ms. Kitty. ha ha


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