Wednesday, March 21, 2012

keepsake box

it's been almost three months and we miss our precious madji, though it hurts less.

i didn't know what to do with her favorite toys so i created a keepsake box to store them in. my mom did something similar for us when we were kids and our sweet dog sparky was hit by a car.

creating this box really helped me through the grieving process. this may sound strange but john and i were upset when we no longer saw her hair around. i collected some from her brush and put it in the box. the box also holds her pictures and a few sympathy cards some kind souls sent us.

the silver plaque, paper and letter m were from my scrap-booking days. the box held a trader joe's christmas cookie gift (i made this soon after she passed on christmas eve). it's wrapped in rosin paper (saved from when we put hardwood floors in). the black design piece was from a pretty invitation john's sister sent us.

the box is stored in my desk, just a foot or two away from where she used to lay all day. physically she may gone, but she's still very much alive in our memory and in our hearts. *tear*=)


  1. Oh kelli that is so sweet. We had to put our dog down a year ago last Aug and sometimes I can still feel her around the house. we still miss her but it don't hurt any more.

    1. LOL I really need to read what I write before I publish!
      "it doesn't hurt any more"

    2. hehe i'm always making grammatical errors. blogger could use an edit option for comments.

  2. what a great idea to remember her. i have a special box for each critter that has passed and it's helpful to have a place to visit with them somtimes. xoxo

  3. Lovely box for a pet you two loved so much. xoxo

  4. That is beautiful and I have heard of people doing this very same thing to help children grieving the loss of a family member or someone very close. Wonderful idea and I hope your pain heals.
    Peace and Raw Health,


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