Monday, March 19, 2012

flowers and garden pests

today was another beautiful one - 74 degrees and sunny. i rode my bike to the community garden and picked a bunch of kale to make chips. for those of you still waiting for spring, i thought i'd snap some flower shots.

i also took a picture of the harlequin beetles that have invaded our broccoli plants. these suckers will drain the life out of our plants and i don't know what to do about them. i tried killing one and couldn't do it. it fell on its back, kicked its legs and looked so frightened that i flipped him back over and let him go. maybe i'm not cut out for this gardening stuff after all.

to end on a positive note, i've spotted some spinach and pea sprouts in the home garden. aster and teeny tiny poppy plants are coming up on the window sill, and no one has gotten under the wire cages to eat the poppy seeds outside (knock on wood).


  1. You are way too gentle - I don't fight deer or other animals but when it comes to bugs I will wipe them out!

  2. Beautiful spring you have there! Guess what? Here it snowed yesterday! I hope it melts soon..

    1. i thought of you when i took the flower photos.=)

  3. yeah I am the same when it comes to bugs I get pretty tough. Can't harm other creatures but insects...sometimes I crush them.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. Ah the downfalls of gardening...the pests and weeds. Here are a couple of websites that might be helpful with natural solutions, however, I haven't tried them.

    Love the flower pics. Our spring is still cold but today was gorgeous and kinda warm. It was so nice. I took lots of pics!


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