Thursday, January 5, 2012

scrummy yummy

we're back to shopping at the local produce outlet. this has its pros and cons.

pros + it's so close + it's very inexpensive + i bought the most delicious pineapple there

cons - most of the produce is non-organic - it's an outlet so you're getting the bruised and battered - i bought the most horrific avocados there

yesterday we got some great deals on fresh broccoli, lettuce and raspberries, which has motivated us to get a bit more creative with our meals. (oh, dinners were sad here for a while, my friends. too shameful to divulge here. comfort food delivered to the front door. let's just leave it there.)

this week things are better. we're eating lots of fruit and veggies. our broccoli dish above was steamed in one of those neat baskets then tossed with truly raw almonds and a simple marinade: equal parts coconut oil, tamari and grated ginger. the steamed broccoli would have also been good with just olive oil and salt.

the veggie patty below (topped with hummus and raspberry vinaigrette) is a variation of the delicious "beet this burger" and black bean burger. (i have a horrible habit of tweaking recipes without noting my changes.) the patty had an incredible taste and texture, despite being almost six months old! (god bless my mini food saver and my mother for buying it for me.)

john of all people was raving over this salad. he said it was the combination of the veggie burger and the raspberry vinaigrette that made it. i'm wondering, was his enthusiasm really for the deliciousness of this dish, or was he just excited to be the one who created the scrummy yummy raspberry dressing? hmm...

(ps - i'd like to say thank you to my dad for my new nikon coolpix. i'd been in need of a new camera for quite some time, and this one is the much updated version of the camera i have now. i'm excited to see how it performs in natural light!)

happy friday, everyone!


  1. Glad you are getting back to some scrummy yummy healthy eats. I had some broccoli like that tonight, it was so plain and delicious.

    Raspberry vinaigrette sounds really good. If you think of the recipe or recreate it, please share.

  2. Yay for new cameras (I'm hoping to get a new one real soon too)!

    Your eats look scrummy yummy indeed. Especially that salad. Nice!

  3. Lovely pictures of lovely food. Loved reading this post! xoxo

  4. dunno if you've been following my RBTI journey, but i've learned not to trust any produce at all without testing its brix level. those produce outlets are unfortunately full of low-mineral, low-vitamin, low-nutrition veggies and fruits. i seriously can't wait til my best friend starts his year-round greenhouse this year...i'm not at a produce outlet, i'm at the local food co-op, but i still don't like buying things where I don't know their nutrition level until i go home, bust out the refractometer, and check the brix.

    since you garden, a refractometer is highly recommended.

  5. I want that broccoli. Can you believe that picture has given me a craving for broccoli?

  6. thanks aimee. john said he mixed olive oil with balsamic vinegar in a 2:1 ration, added crushed raspberries and a little agave to balance the tartness.

    thanks, heidi! i haven't forgotten about your magnets!=)

    lele, thank you dear xoxo

    rick, interesting. thanks!

    shannonmarie, i'm always craving foods after blog-reading!=)

  7. Yummy is right! I got a new camera too, yay!!

  8. Your veggies look delicious! I just reintroduced broccoli, forgot how much I love it :)

  9. Mmm, broccoli...our grandsons favorite food.:) That salad does look pretty fantastic.


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