Sunday, January 22, 2012

raw raspberry brownie bites

to make raw brownies you simply need five things (dates, nuts, cocoa/cacao powder, salt and a food processor) and not even five minutes. they are one of the easiest desserts to make. you blend the ingredients for about 30 seconds, press them into brownie shapes and they're ready.

this time we added raspberries to snaz them up a bit. adding berries and liquid vanilla made the batter a little wet, so we dehydrated our brownie bites a few hours.

as raw brownies are very rich, bite-sized pieces are the best way to serve them, in my opinion. (they're actually more like a delicious nutty fudge than a brownie, but a little less dense.)

raw raspberry brownie bites
(makes about 18-20)

1 C medjool dates
1 C raw nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, or a mixture)
1/4 C cacao powder
8-10 raspberries
3 tsp liquid vanilla*
generous pinch of salt

in a food processor, blend until batter holds together when pressed. shape into bite-sized squares.

*liquid vanilla is made by mixing three vanilla beans, chopped, with one cup water in a high speed blender. in this recipe, lv can be replaced with vanilla extract or scraped raw vanilla bean, to taste.


i hope everyone is having a nice weekend. we're snowed in (but not really) and i'm loving it.=)


  1. We're having a lovely weekend - mild weather, a trip to yoga and chillaxing :-) These raspberry brownie bites look delicious!

    1. thank you antony! warm weather and yoga sound very very nice!=)

  2. Yum, these look great! I'm loving the snow too. :)

    1. thanks lauren! i love any excuse to stay cozy in my pjs all day.=)

  3. So cute! I need to find some raspberries. I love chocolate and raspberry combo.

  4. yumola!!! I would love to try these w/ my raw carob.
    peace and raw health,

  5. YUM! I make a raw brownie recipe but never even thought to put raspberries in it!!!!

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