Friday, December 2, 2011

a peek into my kitchen

 squash seeds, peach pits, "butters", herbs and olive oil

 baby and mama cactus

 thrifted picture frame with niece alaina

 view from the sink

 african violet

the fridge and bamboo on a shelf

(did anyone notice butters has the same eyes and smile as his late cousin edgar?=)


  1. Oh lovely post! Your house looks sweet and cozy! :) By the way, is that dandelion growing in the pot?? Maybe I'm totally wrong. :D

  2. HaHa! Butters does look like edgar. Love your kitchen. xoxox

  3. Beautiful!---definitely a talented lady lives there!

  4. malle, thank you. gerbera daisy - it's the plant that had the fuzzy leaf that we thought was a caterpillar cocoon.=)

    anony, bub and ev were cracking up when i put them on. i should do it more often to my produce. i love your kitchen too.=)

    lauren, thanks, me too!=)

    aww shucks clint, thank you!

    tammy, thanks!


  5. I wish my kitchen was half as cute as yours!! I love the little bamboo on the shelf...lovely!!

  6. Fun post! And i love the bowl Butters is in.

  7. The face on the squash cracks me up. I hate to admit it, but my kids really love the Annoying Orange. I have to show them this.

    Oh, and your niece is adorable.

  8. Lovely kitchen.
    Face on the squash made me smile--it is a squash, right??
    Peace and Raw Health,


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