Sunday, May 8, 2011

thank you, mom

for letting me come down to spend time with you when the other two went to sleep.

for always nursing me back to health and letting me take sick days (even when i wasn't really=).

for running around to help me find the perfect dress, shoes, jeans, backpack, sneakers, bathing suit, etc. (you deserve to be sainted for that!=)

for listening to me cry about everything and anything, and never making me feel silly about it.

for trusting me to make my own decisions and supporting me every step of the way.

for teaching me what it means to be kind and patient and how to love unconditionally.

i've been blessed with an angel for a mother.

happy mother's day to my beautiful mom and all mothers out there!



  1. I haven't had a mother in this life, but I had grandmother who was all these things you've listed here. Love and peace, Malle

  2. Aw, so sweet. Love that you have such a beautiful relationship with your mom.

  3. Love this. I kind of copied a little with the thank you stuff. hope you don't mind. My mom won't know. take it as sincere flattery. love the pic too.

  4. So sweet! Your mom looks so happy in that picture. Are you the youngest?

  5. Love the pictures. Happy Mother's Day.

  6. Love it. I wrote a poem for my mom for mother's day as well. i forgot about her running around with me for the perfect prom dress, shoes, etc like you mentioned! :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. =)

    kt, i'm the oldest, on the right.

  8. Lovely Kelli, beautifully written.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  9. My Beautiful Kelliann, Thank you for this post. Those nights we had when Craig and Krista were sleeping, I needed just as much.. When I let you stay home from school, it was for me too. I loved having you home. The perfect outfits were just as important to me. When you were sad, I was too. It was you Kelli who taught me to love unconditionally..My parenting skills may not have been the best but my love for you is..I am so proud to be your mom...I love you...XOXOXO


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