Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the pansy fairy and vanilla beans

sweet malle from touching the sky is easier for birds sent me this precious postcard.

it's a print from the adorable flower fairy alphabet by cicily mary baker. there are flowers (and faeries) just like these in my garden.=)

did you know that pansies are edible? i love to brighten my meals with the beautiful blooms. the breakfast smoothie above consists of vanilla bean, banana, strawberry, cucumber, carrot, garden spinach and chia seeds. the first three ingredients make it taste like dessert!

vanilla has always been a favorite of mine - vanilla ice cream, scented candles and even perfumes. through amazon i discovered an unbeatable deal on vanilla beans - 54 beans for $22.29 (free shipping)! this averages to less than 42 cents a bean, when they're going for 4 dollars a bean at the local health food store.

the package arrived just a few days after ordering and the beans are of good quality. i've been enjoying them in my smoothies and with nettles, chamomile and mint tea. to preserve the beans i've vacuum-sealed bags of about 12 each with my new mini food saver. more on that later.

wishing you all lovely days full of simple pleasures!=)


  1. Thanks! =) Beautiful post.

  2. You may be the healthiest person in the universe! That smoothie looks wonderful.

  3. Vanilla is my favorite also. That does sound like a good deal.

  4. Pretty post! Love vanilla too! That postcard brings a smile to my face!

  5. Pretty!I grew some pansies this year ... mostly because they're edible!

  6. thanks for the tip at amazon. it was two beans for 11 dollars at my market!

  7. great tip on the vanilla.
    I photographed some beautiful pansys in Michigan when I was up there. Had I known they were edible I would have snacked on them.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  8. I love vanilla too and was SO excited to read this!! Then I remembered that I've recently developed a sensitivity to it and can't have it anymore. :(
    I used to always wear vanilla-oil as my perfume.
    My adult children always think of me when they smell vanilla.
    The fairy on the card is wonderful and I love your pansy pics!

  9. I love vanilla too. I have been using a powdered vanilla that I am just loving. Love the smoothie and pansies.

  10. I can't wait for flowers to bloom up here! Our leaves are just coming out, so it will be a while yet.

    Thanks for the tip on vacuum sealing; I bought a bunch in bulk one time and they dried out on me before I could use them all. :(

  11. Opening that package must have smelled glorious! I can't wait to see all the vanilla creations to come.

  12. thank you!=)

    kt, i've read if the beans dry up to reconstitute them in warm water and they should plump up again. you could also grind the dried beans to make a powder... so you know in case it happens again!

  13. wow I had no idea pansies were edible! thats great :)

  14. I did know pansies were edible however I've never tried them. Not yet anyway. :)


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