Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what in the world...

is that?! the white thing next to the gerbera daisy buds...

is it a caterpillar in a silk cocoon on my indoor plant?

at first glance i thought it was a leaf, but what's with the white stuff? any ideas?


  1. spring is filled with lovely and interesting things:)

  2. What a sweet, beautiful giveaway!

    (And in the near future...I'll definitely be fermenting and sharing!)

  3. I don't know what the white stuff is---but it looks like it is alive. Should be interesting to see what transpires. We have a plant called "mother-in-law's tongue" that produces something similar each spring, then it goes away. Not sure what it is---maybe part of the plant's annual cycle.

    Thanks for your meaningful comments on my blog, Kelli---I had a beard once and could do that again, but right now the hair project is center stage. Hope you guys are havin' a great week!

  4. ahhh, ummm, no idea. Let us know what it does.

  5. interesting developements there for sure(could well be a lovely caterpilliar,Kelli:)!


  6. Wow that looks like an interesting find.

  7. I think the caterpillar is spinning a cocoon. if I remember my 2nd grade caterpillar education correctly. :-) exciting!

  8. melissa, that it is!=)

    ms. a, looking forward to it!

    clint, interesting indeed! and thank YOU for the thoughtful comments!=)

    jane, will do.

    cosmic, i think so too.

    sasha, looks like i may have a pet moth in the house soon!=)

    bitt, i think you're right!=) we had silkworm moths in our class and they did something similar. funny to think that things been pooping in my plant! hey, it's fertilizing it!=)

  9. Pretty cool--did you touch it??
    Peace and Raw Health,

  10. Weird but cool! Did you find out what is yet? A wormie or something? One time (last year) I spotted a naughty green worm on one of our indoor plants. He'd been chomping away undetected for a while until I caught him. Silly worm.

  11. still not sure. my mom says it's probably some type of grub in the pupa stage. we'll see!


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