Sunday, March 6, 2011

raw that and a bag of kale chips...

a title john came up with for a raw recipe book. funny guy.=)

this weekend has found us eating a lot of cooked food, so we've been drinking some raw nutrition.

since there are no fresh greens in the house, our juice above was topped with dehydrated kale powder and below, spirulina went into our smoothie.

this sweet smoothie consisted of two frozen bananas, an orange, a carrot, a few tablespoons chia seeds and just a teaspoon spirulina (someone doesn't care for the flavor so we're easing into it.)

shelled hemp seeds gave it a nice crunch as well as a dose of iron, calcium and essential fats.

speaking of raw, yesterday i received carmella's delightfully raw recipe book in the mail. this book has everything you need to know about raw foods, and then some!

we also purchased a package of sea spaghetti that carmi and don wanted to get off their hands. i've been so interested to try it; i'll let you know what we think!


  1. yaaaaaaaaaay for hemp seeds and sea spagetti!

  2. Awesome book title. I had to rap it out loud when I read it. :)

    I love that recipe book! The recipes blow my mind and they are always well received by the average eater.

    I can't wait to hear about the sea spaghetti.

  3. Kale powder. I HAVE to remember to make this when I have to much and don't know what to do with it. Perfect.

  4. you are reminding me I still need to get carmi's book.

  5. Actually, it looks pretty darn good. But to tell the truth, after a day or three of raw vegetables and such, I'm ready for a trip to Burger King for some grease.

    And, isn't hemp s'posed to be smoked? :)

  6. Mmm that smoothie looks/sounds delish! I need to get some spirulina.

    Can't wait to hear how the sea spaghetti is!

  7. amen, cosmic!=)

    kt, hehe. so true. most of the raw recipes i use are carmi's with some of my adaptations. she really knows what she's doing!

    jane - i should have mentioned i got that idea from carmella! it's perfect for an adundance of greens. i've also used chard and collard greens.

    bitt - i'm so happy to have finally bought it. it's a gem!

    well, clint, balancing the fast food with some days of raw foods sounds like a better idea than eating the crap every day!=) and hemp has dozens of uses. it's said that george washington and thomas jefferson grew hemp for clothing and paper, and who knows, maybe they even smoked it!=)

    thanks lisa! i also like to sprinkle spirulina on my salads and drizzle some olive oil. then my lips turn blue-green.=)

  8. Hmm, powdered kale...what a great idea. I should definitely do some up this year and maybe powdered beet greens too. Cool.:)

  9. Looking good! Juiced up some carrot/apple/clementine this morning for the 3 youngest chillins--it was yummo.
    Peace and Raw Health,
    I like "All That and a Bag of Kale Chips". Tee hee hee.

  10. I do that to compensate for lack of greens just toss green powder into my juice. Juicing is perfect easy to way to mak up for our guilts :)

  11. I love hemp seeds - hubby enjoys the hemp protein powder but I prefer the seeds. I've never had kale powder before but looks great to have. Carmella's book looks great - can't wait to hear all about it from you. Love the title too (good one John!)


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