Sunday, August 15, 2010

enjoying summer's bounty

muth family farm's organic csa week 8: red chard, bok choy, yellow watermelon, lettuce, canary melon, sungolds and other heirloom tomatoes, white and purple pepper, onions, amaranth leaves, raspberries, yellow squash, cucumber, 8 ball squash, beets, corn...

and another cute eggplant - this time a girl!

emma the eggplant

the vase in the center is holding just a fraction of the pears i have from my mother and stepfather's tree. pears are up there as one of my favorite fruits, so i've been eating them as often as possible.

smoothie ingredients pre-blending
(pear, collard leaves, lemon, canary melon, cucumber, purslane, bloobs and banana)

yummy pear-based smoothie with frozen watermelon

i made pear-tinis with frozen banana...

and used pear in most of my fruit roll-ups, along with bananas, blueberries and canary melon.

the idea struck to recreate my pearberry bliss ice cream cake with muth raspberries. (can't believe it's mid-august and i haven't made a raw ice cream cake - shame on me!=)


our generous neighbor has been sharing her harvest of cantaloupe, tomatoes and potatoes. john and i made a delicious italian-style tomato sauce to top our raw pizza, with garden basil pesto sauce and zucchini pasta.

(some purists may think it sacreligious to put cooked tomato sauce on raw food, but i say, why not? it tasted great, and i'm told that cooking tomatoes increases the lycopene, an antioxidant known to decrease cancer and heart-disease risk.)

we found another little friend in the potatoes...

potsy the potato

that we fried in a big wok with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. the potatoes made a delicious side for grilled tomato sandwiches on ezekiel bread smothered in raw ranch dip. super yummsies!

the raspberries for the vinaigrette were from muth, as well as the tomatoes...

and our garden green apple cucumbers topped the salad.


my mom sent me this funny picture of a friend she found in her cucumber patch with the caption

"has anyone seen my friend edgar?"

ha! like mother like daughter!=)


on the gardening front, things aren't looking too good in our raised beds. i'm not sure why. it's been a pretty dry, sunny summer, though our plants at the community garden are flourishing.

we've got at least 10 butternut squash growing from seeds that i saved last summer. with global seed saboteurs like monsanto, i feel it's wise to save seeds that have not been genetically modified. no franken-fruits in my house!=)

here's an interesting video i had to share (cute goats about 7 and a half minutes in!=):

i hope you're enjoying fresh fruits and veggies around your way!



  1. kelli, as always your pics are gorgeous and your post inspiring!!! love that pear smoothie and peartini, looks utterly delicious....and i've never seen apple cucumbers before, they look amazing - wonder what they taste like?
    much love xoxox

  2. thank you, neeta! green apple cucumbers are delicious - a little sweet and very juicy. xoxo

  3. I dislike most raw tomato sauces, so I say go ahead and eat the yummier cooked version.

    what an amazing spread!

  4. I did a CSA one year and it was like Christmas every week when I picked up the box. You just never knew what you would get. But my CSA never had the exotic fruits and veg yours does. What a find.

  5. kelli, i am so jealous of your CSA pictures that i decided to search up and down for local ones here...i got on a waiting list for next year, and the woman who runs the local CSA told me she'll contact me to buy "surplus" CSA stuff next week! Thanks so much for the inspiration :)

  6. mmm mmm mmm oo soo fresh and delightful to eat!


  7. WOW! My jaw is on the floor. What amazing, beautiful, gorgeous produce you've got. All the food looks absolutely spectacular, and now you've got me craving some fruit rollups! YUM!

    Thanks for the video, can't wait to check it out.

  8. truly wish i could come over for rawk lady!

    and i agree with the cooked does increase the nutritional value...


  9. You crack me up! :)

    Love the meals, that sandwich sounds so good!!! YUM!!!

  10. thank you!=)

    jane - the wonderful thing about my csa is all the produce is laid out on tables, and i get to choose what to put in my basket! it's veggie paradise!=)

    rick - yay for you! i hope you love yours as much as i do.

    nelly - you reminded me of that fact when i was visiting. thanks bubba!=)

  11. Yes, indeed that is a bounty! Lovely garden photo! Have a wonderful day!

  12. Hello there little veg people, and hello to you Kelli! I'm loving the look of all your produce and food. Can i come over for lunch???

    Thanks for the video, it's excellent. And you're right, the goats are cute. xxx

  13. Hey Kelli!! What an incredible bounty you have there. I'm in awe! All that beautiful produce and what yummy eats you made with them:) Love that pasta..Mmm!
    Your fruit roll ups looks super delish! My mom used to make them all the time and I loved them!
    And Emma is just so darn cute!!
    That video is so inspiring. The hubby and I were just talking about converting our front lawn into a garden.
    Have a beautiful day:)

  14. i am in love with your blog. everything looks so yummy and your photos are beautiful :)
    talk to you soon!

  15. lol! You entertain me and your mom too! So awesome and fun! Love all the wonderful bounty! Holy moley! And those rollups look PERFECT! I've tried those before and they looked nothing like yours. lol!

  16. I love everything...can I just come over and you can feed me???
    Your Mom's little cuke person is toooo funny!!
    Peace and RAW Health to YOU!!

  17. Amazing post! Your first pic is stunning. Love your veggie friends, were you a fan of the Mr. Potato-head toy by any chance?:)


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