Sunday, August 8, 2010

csa goodies and giveaways

muth family farm organic csa week seven: corn, red russian kale, collard, lettuce, cantaloupe, raspberries(!), white and purple peppers(?), heirloom tomatoes, squash, zucchini, jalapeno pepper, and onion
...was kinda bummed there were no canary melons or curled kale this week, but the raspberries made up for it.


some giveaways going on -

k. grace $100 gift card (ends tomorrow!)
raw soap nut samples (ends wednesday)
terra chips (wednesday)
himalayan salt lamp (aug. 15th)
operation beautiful (sept. 9th)


  1. Nice supply of goodies! Kelli, look on craigslist for a juicer and see what you come up with or garage sales are another good place. I so appreciate you stopping by! Good luck on finding a juicer! xoxo

  2. Your CSA bundle always looks so fresh and colorful! YUM, enjoy!

  3. i always love the goodies you get from the csa!!!


    what will you do with your collards?

  4. thanks ladies!

    pam - i know, i just want a nice new expensive shiny one, though!=)

    nelly - i used some leaves in my smoothies, and the larger ones i saved for tacos with ani's nut meat.

  5. There is nothing more beautiful (food-wise) than gorgeous colorful fresh produce. Lucky girl:)

  6. Yum!! Your goodies this week are amazing!
    Mmm corn! Had some local corn this passed weekend and it was awesome:)

  7. Oh I sooo need a basket of produce like that!!!
    You are so lucky.

  8. You always get the most beautiful produce from your CSA! ENJOY!

  9. thanks for the linkback honey!! and your csa stash makes me smile so it!


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