Tuesday, April 20, 2010

yoga cups

happy 4-20!

the farmer's almanac garden calendar marks today as a good one for starting flower gardens, so after i amend the the trench johnny boy dug with compost, peat moss, and vermiculite, i'll be planting seeds and tubers on this gorgeous spring day. 

soon enough we'll be admiring sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, and wildflowers along that boring white fence. *keeping my fingers crossed*

in my last post i briefly mentioned the treats i made with averie's nut butter filled caramel bites recipe. 

well they were so stinkin' good, i just had to have them again! this time i made them in muffin cups and took pics of the process. 

first, i made averie's easy raw vegan caramels recipe by processing dates, cashews, walnuts, and vanilla water. (averie's recipe called for pine nuts but i didn't have any so i used half cashews/half walnuts.)

next i made heathy's basic dark chocolate recipe from her just desserts ebook. this is the BEST chocolate i have made, and i am wondering why my dodo brain didn't think of trying her recipe sooner?!

anyway, the muffin liners got about a teaspoon of the perfect raw chocolate, and i spooned some up the edges, about 1/3 of the way up the cup. i let the chocolate set in the freezer a few minutes...

spread a layer of caramel

a layer of almond butter

then topped it all off with another teaspoon of chocolate.

divine! these babies are best eaten straight from the freezer. (note: for easy peeling, grease the muffin cups first with coconut oil.)

thank you, averie and heathy, for creating and sharing two most delicious recipes!

i've decided to name these decadent treats Yoga Cups 1) for the two yoga goddesses, averie and heathy, and 2) because yoga means union, and these cups are quite the harmonious combination of chocolate, nut butter, nuts, and dried fruit.


enjoy your day, and stay tuned for an easy homemade deodorant recipe that really works!


  1. kelli baby those look amazing...you're pretty brilliant i tell ya! i haven't made the caramels because pine nuts are pretty expensive...i never thought to use different nuts!!!


    i've actually started using organic fluoride free, everything free toothpaste, and I LOVE IT! it's so much fresher than the old crap i use to use!!! i'm also trying to figure out how to make a moisturizer for my face...i'm thinking: shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and something else...

    can't wait to read the post re deodorant!!!

    have a beautiful day lady!!!

  2. Those look so yummy! I'll probably try to make them later, but I know I'll get lazy and just make them with my little shortcut technique!

  3. I need to make those asap....they look delic. Everyhing does. P.S. Nice pic of bubbins below!

  4. Wow..those yoga cups looks so decadent. I love how you chose the name that perfectly suited them! I can't wait to see your deodorant recipe:)

  5. ooh and happy planting..I'm jealous you are working the dirt already. I have another month before we get to our house. I told the hubby that the garden is number 1 priority when we get home..lol! He gets to make the garden boxes though so that made him happy.

  6. that gorgeous white picket fence is going to be so perfect with the flowers. thanks for sharing your gardening endeavors with us.

    i love the idea of dipping the caramel bites into chocolate. you can't go wrong dipping things into chocolate. :-) looks delish!

  7. thanks girls!

    planting is going to be postponed a bit. johnny got a little shovel happy and now it looks like our lawn was attacked by an army of gophers. =) on a happy note, i was able to use my compost in the flower beds! yay!

  8. Kelli, I love you girl!!!!!!
    Sorry i forgot to link your haterade comment, omg i still just love that one! I meant to make big mention of it, later this week i will.

    As for the name, yoga cups b/c Heathy and I are both yoga mamas and that it's a union, your brain works in big and wonderful ways...I love that!!!!

    As for the raw caramel recipe INSIDE choc AB cups..oh girl. Love it. Amazing. You're a genius!

    Wished i lived closer, id come help you eat them!

    And I love the idea of just dipping the caramels in choc. I mean, that's perfect too if one can't be bothered with the cups. But i think i need to get started on these....



  9. hey averie! i thought you'd like the name.=)

  10. Yum! I've definitely got to make some of those yoga cups soon - and maybe do some yoga as well :-)

  11. Hey Kelli! Those look incredible! I'd seen Averie's version on her blog, but have yet to try to make them. I'm a little concerned about controlling my sweet craving with those babies around;)

  12. Ah! hehe, those cups look divine... so cute that you came up with Yoga Cups, a union indeed. I love it! I'll have to give them a try.... SOON!

    So wonderful that you are planting flowers...this time of year is the best.

    Have a great day dearie!

  13. thanks for all your entries and for the coconut oil smelling question. and the wink wink. LOVE it!


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