Friday, April 16, 2010

sweet treats from an even sweeter friend!

my day started pretty miserably. flo crashed in for her monthly visit and really brought the pain - bad cramps throughout my midsection and legs. i made myself some ginger tea and a smoothie, then laid in bed with biggles to moan and groan it out.

 my cozy lil' roly poly

then came a knock at my door - my package had arrived from nelly! in a cute insulated carrot bag! i have not been able to stop smiling. oh, and what cramps? (apparently moonie pies are an instant cure!=)

just a few days ago nelly told me if i won her giveaway, she would send me some moonie pies to sample, too, since i kept raving about how good they looked. then she wrote me, "you know what, you're probably going to think i'm a nerd....but i really want to send you the moonie pie now...just because you're such a swwwwweeeeeet little lady...and you make me laugh." how cute is she?!

not only did she send me her AMAZINGLY DELICIOUSLY DECADENT mylk chocolate moonie pies to sample, she also sent four packaged treats. how awesomely sweet is she?! (if you don't know about heathy's moonie pie challenge, you can join the fun here.)

and here are my treats! have i died and gone to heaven? am i dreaming? someone pinch me!=)

ok, let me just say i am not raving over nelly's moonie pies to be nice. they really are out of this world! like a creamy, fudgy, sweet, sexy, sophisticated brownie. they are truly amazing!

bravo, heathy and nelly for creating such tasty raw chocolaty treats! i have to admit, i was really intimidated when i saw them, but i think i'm going to purchase the moonie pie recipe book and try to make some myself. they're too good not to try!

 i felt as crappy as i looked until i bit into one of those moonies. (don't you love my 10 y/o spectacles?!=)

i am in awe of the timing. the package arrived when i really needed it. i feel a thousand times better! plus, i was able to sample nelly's moonies the day before the challenge deadline. GO NELLY!

  as you can see, they've sent me over the moon!

 "friends are kisses blown to us by angels..."
this is another affirmation for me that there are angels guiding us, loving us, comforting us, and forever reminding us of the sweet things in life, like good friends and raw desserts!=)

thank you again, nelly girl. i feel truly blessed to have connected with you and so many beautiful souls through blogging. i love you all, and wish you a super happy weekend!=)


  1. Hey Kelli,
    I’m a big fan of the glasses, no matter how they are! What a lucky girl you are to have received all of these treats- they look amazing!!! I’m totally living vicariously!!!

  2. heart melted...thanks babe...and you are so so so welcome...i'm honestly so happy that it made your day!!!

    i'll always remember you as the first blogger that actually said hi to me when you saw that i was following you...and i thought, wow, what a sweet chicita!!!!

    have a lovely weekend my friend. let me know how johnny boy likes the moonie...if it survives until he gets home!!!


  3. oh and another thing! you're so flipping adorable in your do not look crappy!!!

    and feel better!!!

  4. AWEE I love this post and those goodies and moonies look awesome. I love the blogosphere and all the people that are making it so great:) Nelly that is so sweet of you:) Kelli..hope you feel better soon ( I can sooo relate) and love the specs!

  5. Sorry you're feeling crappy, but chocolate makes everything all better!

  6. glad you could enjoy them! chocolate in high doses is exactly what helps me with aunt flo. lol.

    i will have to see if maybe nelly will exchange with me too. ;-)

    hope you continue to feel better. biggles medicine helps i'm sure.

  7. YUP, choccie, friends, and raw desserts make everything better! :)

    OMG that is the cutest thing ever - Nelly sent you pressies! Im excited that you got to try hers - I wish we could all get together in person to share these treats! ... and yes you're totally cute in your glasses.
    This act of kindness and friendship sure melted my heart today!
    Have a great weekend Kelli!

  8. Great. It's good to see people giving "just for fun". We're so used to give only at special occasions that we completely forgat what good it can make to give someone an unexpected gift. It's always heart warming to read such posts!

  9. How sweet! I love random acts of kindness from friends! Enjoy! :)

  10. nelly is a total doll! love that girl!

    and i love!!! the pic of you eating your moonpie. it's almost seductive b/c it looks THAT GOOD! both you and the moonpie :)

  11. chocolate's a great cure all but so - most definitely - is a sleeping, purring cat :-)

  12. Oooooooh, wow. Those moon pies look fantastic. What a win! Congrats!!!

  13. hey don't feed biggie every hour do you??? haha!

    as for my little fatty mcfarty...i'll just replace some of his food with romaine lettuce (which he loves) and other fruits and veggies...and continue giving him less kibble (i am actually at fault, i was feeding him double of what he was suppose to be eating, OOPS)...and he's been running at least two hours a day the last few weeks...he should shed weight soon!!

    i'll let ya know how the kraut turns out...i am obsessed with kraut, i bought a new bottle today and it's yummy...

    hope you had a beautiful weekend lady!!!


  14. cant wait to hear more about the caramels...thanks for letting me know!!! yum :)


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