Friday, February 11, 2011

oh deer

i'm 30!=)

john's grandmother's birthday is also today and my mother's was last week. i made these felt cuties for my dear aquarians.=)

below are some birthday cards i received while teaching first grade science. my students were so sweet!

hehe. i'm not sure she was true to her word but it's the thought that counts!=)

ha! jada's mother was also a teacher in the school. she heard my co-worker friends call me by my last name so often that she thought she'd do it too! i love how she signed "thank you".=)

 attaci had me sign for her card.=)



  1. ♫♪ Happy birthday to you! ♫♪♫
    Happy birthday to you! ♫♪♫
    ♫♪♫ Happy birthday dear Kelli! ♫♪
    Happy birthday to you!...and many more...

    Very cute stuff! Thank you for sharing.

  2. awww :)

    welcome to the best decade of your life. i think the 30's is where people like us can actually practice all we've learned over the first 29 years...seriously...your evolution will hasten now.

  3. On this day 30 years ago the best thing happened to me..Heaven sent me a little angel..Happy Birthday my little angel..XOXOXO

  4. Well Happy happy happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday! Yay for Aquarians! We rock! Hehe! Those deer are adorable!

  6. bella! bella! bella! birthday wishes to you, Kelli!


  7. Happy birthday! Love the deer and the sweet little notes.

  8. Happy Birthday.:) In 10 years you will be almost exactly as old as me.:) The good news is that as long as you eat right and continue to be kind to animals the next 10 years will as great if not better than the previous ones were.

  9. Happy Birthday my friend!!! This post made me smile a lot, especially all those letters :)

  10. I love kid's cards. So adorable. Happy Birthday! Hope you have the amazing day you deserve.

  11. Aw how lucky are you to have some beautiful children (and adults) in your life. Hope your birthday was amazing and you were spoilt as you deserve. 30 is the new 20 ;)

  12. I loved my 30's!
    Happy Birthday!

  13. thank you everyone! your sweet comments and well wishes brightened my day!


  14. Hope you had a very happy birthday, and wishing you many, many more:) The letters from your students are heartwarming.


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