Monday, September 1, 2014

garden harvest white bean wraps

posts two days in a row? i know, i can hardly believe it myself!

inspired by this recipe, i made us deliciously fresh wraps with creamy avocado and white bean dip stuffed with some garden pickings, button mushrooms and homemade raw sauerkraut.

the greens are rainbow swiss chard and arugula seedlings thinned from fall plants we started a few weeks ago. the arugula seeds were saved from last year and the sprouts are so good!

the whole wheat wraps were made by yours truly, well, with some help. i couldn't get the dough rolled out so the italian stallion came to my rescue. you do it like-a this! he said, like i used to help-a my ma make-a stromboli! haha, i added the accent but he really did say that. cutie.

the wrap was so filling i had to put the other half away for tomorrow. work days are much better when you have yummy leftovers waiting for lunch, wouldn't you agree?



  1. Italian Stallion = your man? Gorgeous wrap!! And I agree, work is always better when there is something yummy to eat for lunch!

    1. haha yes! thank you! the hardest part for me is waiting for lunch time to eat it! xoxoxo

  2. the wraps are beautiful kelli!!!! I am eyeballing those microgreens big time!!!!
    Feed me!!!!!!!
    Peace & Raw Health,

    1. thanks elizabeth! of course you could use collards for the wrap! and the baby arugula greens are so yummy! xoxoxo


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