Tuesday, October 22, 2013

romanesco cauliflower

this week is the last for the csa. the most notable vegetable was the romanesco cauliflower. it's so pretty with the tiny florets and the little purple leaves. i chopped the cauliflower with bell pepper and tossed it with feta cheese, lemon juice, olive oil and garden thyme for a quick and tasty salad.

we're harvesting peas, a little at a time. i collected them in a big coffee mug and shelled them on the garden bench with kati underneath. she follows me around the garden until i stop and gave her rubbins, and then she follows me around for some more. relentless little fur-muffin.=)


  1. I love cauliflower. I hadn't heard of the romanesco type until now! Looks really unique.

  2. I harvested peas in July...they were yummy...peas are my fave veggie!

    I love that little fur muffin of yours...please give her some snuggles from me...


    1. i wish i could have seen your garden!

      i will. please do the same for jackson xoxoxo

  3. beautiful cauli!! Wish I could try some. Kitty is soooo beautiful!
    peace & raw health,

  4. funny, i just tried romanesco cauliflower (also called romanesco broccoli or broccoflower) for the first time this week after receiving it in my csa box :) how do you plan to use it ?


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