Monday, June 17, 2013

muth monday: organic csa week two

muth family farm's csa: green and savoy cabbage, green lettuce, green onions, curly kale, arugula, zucchini, parsley, and beautiful chioggia beets

while filling up my basket, i was so glad to see something non-green! chioggia beets are fun to work with because of their color and stripes, and they're delicious, cooked or raw! after a quick online search, i had a tasty salad recipe for the beets, parsley and arugula in this week's basket, served with zucchini "crab" cakes.

yesterday i picked one of our cabbages to make kimchi.

i've never made kimchi but have wanted to for years. the recipe didn't call for them but of course i had to add some striped beets! it needs to ferment a week or two before i can tell if that was a good idea.=)

with the savoy cabbage from week one i made herb cole slaw with caraway and dill seed.

the romaine from last week made raw veggie tacos with pineapple salsa...

and the two bunches of kale (plus some from the garden) made a big batch of cheesy kale chips.

our kitchen hasn't seen this much action in months!=)


  1. wow, you have been a busy bee in the kitchen!! Your food looks so yummy Kelli.
    I need to figure out how to make your Krab Cake recipe gluten free!!
    Then I can make it for those who eat yummy cooked vegan goodies. I already created a raw version in my mind while typing this :) That one will be for me--yum.
    Peace and Raw Health,

    1. thank you elizabeth. would love to see your raw version!


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