Sunday, April 7, 2013


hello blogworld. hello april.

finally, a nice stretch of spring weather around here! i've been feeling much better, but miss kati is recovering from a painful abscess on her tail. she was really sick for a few days, poor little thing, but now she's on the mend, thank goodness. still not herself, but getting there.

please forgive my lack of posts. my time and energy has been consumed with healing and spring cleaning. i have the urge to purge! i also want to thoroughly clean and paint the whole house. crazy, i know, but if i take it step by step i think i can do it. first i need to get the garden in order. today's agenda: plant broccoli, cabbage, collard, kale, beets, poppies, chamomile, dill and more. indoors: finish cleaning and decluttering cabinets, closets and junk drawers. wish me luck.=)

lastly, my apologies for the word verification on my comments. i can't stand those things, but the spam was out of control.

have a happy sunday! i hope the birds are chirping around your way! xoxoxo


  1. Good to have you back, hope you feeling better.

    1. thank you kris. kati and i are feeling much better. i'll have to do a garden update soon.

  2. I am so happy Kati is on the mend...poor baby.

    Hummer died last Tuesday. He had liver cancer, and his organs were shutting down, so Mark decided to spare him anymore heart still hurts.

    Spring...equals new beginnings...good luck with the's gonna feel fabulous once you've finished...

    We're gonna start planting soon too...


    1. oh nelly, i'm so sorry to hear about hummer. he was so sweet! please tell mark i'm sorry. xoxoxox


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