Saturday, June 9, 2012

pressed flower bookmark

since reading kaylah's post last month, i've been pressing every flower i can get my hands on. it's so much easier than i imagined it would be. there are fancy flower presses out there, but i'm finding books work just fine. to keep the flowers from scattering all over, i fold them in tissue paper first. after about two weeks my flowers were dried.

for the bookmark i followed forever flowers, a nice book on flower pressing that i found at the library. i just glued the flowers on and when they were dry, i covered the whole surface with mod-podge. i'm going to give this bookmark to my grandmom. she loved to read and always bought me books. i'd buy her cute bookmarks at school book fairs as tokens of my appreciation. i can't wait to do more with pressed flowers!


  1. how lovely! i love pressed flowers -- i always used to press them in the dictionary as a kid:)

  2. Pretty! I went through a pressed flower craze several years ago. Flowers still fall randomly out of books around here lol.

  3. Very pretty! Thanks for the inspiration. I should have done that when we had SO many flower growing on the property earlier this spring. There are still a few, I might just have to cut some and try it out. Thanks!!

  4. Beautiful! Love pressed flowers!

  5. So pretty! What a cute project.

    I am quite impressed with your creativity!


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