Friday, August 5, 2011

this week i...

enjoyed cooler days with the trio in the "treehouse"...

the cat goes down the slide!

...took lots of wagon walks...

my childhood friend's chickies, bubby and evolet

and their gymnast cat, oscar

...finally let the munchkins explore my "white car"...

 oscar included

...ate lots of tasty salads with raw eggplant bacon...

 green leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green onion and eggplant bacon with leftover nacho cheeze made with white bell pepper and cashews
 green leaf lettuce, heirloom cherry tomatoes, cooked quinoa, and raw eggplant bacon with extra-virgin olive oil, himalayan salt and pepper

...was rustled out of dreamworld each morning by this lil' piggy...

new nickname, claws

...started the last book of the lovable anne of green gables series...

  my mom gifted me with the collection=)

...henna'd my gray hairs

and received my new specs in the mail.

plastic aunt jemima head-wrap

...made rawlmond joys and peanut butter cups


and took photos only with my cell, just because. 

complete the sentence, if you'd like...

this week i __________.


  1. I was hoping for an after shot of the henna. I have a jar of henna for years but I am to chicken to try for fear I would end up with a weird color.

  2. You did a lot this week! I love all the kiddie and kitty pictures. The chocolates look out of control! Any eggplant bacon tips? I tried it once and it tasted like yecchhh. I so wanted to like it.

    Sweet glasses! I hope you show us the henna results.

    This week I slept in to spoil myself before heading back to school.

  3. You had a lovely week! I'd love to see the henna result, too. And I love that you're already finishing the Anne series.

    This week I went to the forest with my dad and picked blueberries (into mouth). :)

  4. I admire ya very much for havin' the nerve to show your pic in one of those plastic head wrapper thingies. Cindy will not allow me to have a camera when she is doin' that. Ha.

  5. What a great week! Love that pic of you! :)

  6. Those peanut butter cup looks so good- you were one busy gal!
    This week I went to the Orange County Fair and ate my weight in deep fried food!

  7. jane, i'll post one soon. you could always do a test strand. from my experience it's pretty natural looking.

    kt, i'm not crazy about the taste of ep bacon alone but like it in salads and on tomato sandwiches. let me know if you want the recipe i use.

    lela, it's bittersweet reading the last book. i don't want it to end! mmm, wild blueberries?!

    clint, it can be fun to make a fool of yourself every now and then. i think you agree.=)

    lauren, thanks, hehe.

    tammy, sounds fun!=)

  8. Great post, as usual! Cool that all the photos were taken with your phone.
    Love kids, kitties, food and you, so I really enjoyed my visit here!

  9. Raw eggplant bacon... what is that??? I love to know :-)


  10. alessandra, it's a vegetarian bacon alternative made with eggplant sliced thin, marinated and dehydrated til crispy. the eggplant could also be baked or fried. there are lots of recipes online!

  11. This week I went camping for the first time................

  12. Love this post. I will have to find out what you made your eggplant bacon with. I made eggplant jerky this week and I hated it. It tasted funny to me. I guess it depends what you marinate it in. :)

  13. What fun! I love these photos! What a lucky bunch, you are. This week...I updated my blog with a raw travel post (finally!).

  14. I love your glasses!!
    The cats are soooooo cute! Love cats.
    I want some eggplant bacon! Mine always turns out strange..I can't chew it, wierd!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  15. ha ha! Love the pic of you! Hey, how's the henna work on those pesky grays? Not that I have any...just curious. ;)

    Fun post with yummy eats! Still need to read AofGG books.

  16. yes, wild ones. :) plenty of them.

  17. I've seen you and the hair looks great, but i didn't know you did the henna! So it works well? I will have to try that out!


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