Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new to tofu

do you have any suggestions/tips for preparing crispy tofu? i'd like to make a dish similar to p.f. chang's marvelous ma po. online research has left me bewildered. some say use extra-firm tofu, others say medium or soft. most say to press out the moisture but this recipe for ma po says to boil the tofu first, and it doesn't specify the firmness. others suggest to freeze then thaw tofu before cooking. help, i'm tofuddled!


  1. oh gosh, I have no idea! I suggest asking this to the Post punk forum, they are a wealth of soy and seitan information. Or if you want I can ask for ya.

  2. thanks, bitt! i just joined and posted the question.

  3. hubby did something similar - got the moisture out (although wildwood is organic and is packaged w/o water) then marinated it a bit and then found a recipe for a "batter" that consisted of nutritional yeast. We don't have tofu often so I'm still pretty clueless myself.

  4. I can't imagine how it will go crispy if it's wet when you fry it
    I agree with Heidi - a light coating of chick pea flower or something like that would help it sizzle nicely

    Hope it turns out well

  5. i would get the moisture out...use extra firm...and bake it in the oven, that will take out even more moisture...and then fry it it up!

  6. I dont like the texture that freezing makes, but you could try it, you may like it. It almost gets spongy. You should use firm or extra firm and press it to get out as much water as possible. Then you coat it and deep fry it. I know, deep fry, but that is how they get that crispy crust. Oh, and they roll the cubes in corn starch before they dip them in the batter. It keeps the moisture in the tofu and keeps the crust from slipping off. Good luck

  7. Hi Kelli---I'm afraid I'm not a tofu kind o' guy, but I will defend to the death your right to eat it! :)

  8. heidi - the consensus seems to say get the moisture out. i've never liked tofu until i had it at p.f. changs. we don't normally go there but received a gift card. their tofu is phenomenal. melt in your mouth but crispy on the outside. i can't stop thinking about it!=)

    thanks, antony! i've read to coat with cornstarch but would prefer chick pea flour.

    thanks nelly! baking then frying must make it extra crispy! that's what i'm looking for. i don't think john will eat it unless it's crispy.=)

    jane - i'm not looking for spongy so i think i'll pass on freezing!=) i rarely fry my food so i'm not against doing it every so often. i may try them in the oven first to see how crispy they get that way, then fry them in just a little bit of oil to crisp them up. thank you!

    thanks clint! i was never a tofu kind o'girl until i had p.f. chang's. i bet you would even like it!=)

  9. I'm just now starting to really like tofu. If you want melt in your mouth and crispy on the outside, silken tofu might work well. Let us know what you come up with.

  10. Kelli,
    I have nothin'.
    I don't like Tofu. I don't eat Tofu.
    Just wanted to read your blog.
    And to let you know that, in this weeks post, I wrote about Brad. :)
    In case you want to take a look.
    Hope you figure out your Tofu dilemma!
    Bye for now ~ <3

  11. hi lisa, i'm thinking silken too. thanks, and i'll definitely post my experience with it!

    gabriele - i wonder why your new posts don't show up for me? stopping over now!=)

  12. I'm Tofu-clueless, sorry!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  13. that's ok! when i saw all the varieties at the store i got overwhelmed and said forget about it!

  14. Actually, there is a recipe in Cooks Illustrated (paper magazine and on line)for making a crispy tofu stir fry. It is amazing. It is in the May/June issue 2006. You dreg the tofu in cornstarch and then pan fry it. The cornstarch is key. It makes the perfect crispy exterior and creamy interior.

    I have created a PDF copy. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to email it to them. My name is Kristin and my email is
    Just let me know.


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