Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas wrap-up

i hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

i thought i'd share my homemade treats this season.

i brought raw cheez-its with sunflower garlic dip to a friend's christmas party and a yummy vegan potluck.


john and i made boxes of raw sweets for the adult family members with chocolates and cookie balls.


i crocheted hats for the little ones that have graced our lives recently.

for our friend's baby, lily.

for our newest little nephew, romeo.

for our newest twin nieces, valentina and maria. 

(i could just eat pink yarn.=)
doesn't it remind you of cotton candy and bubble gum?)


i came up with a little set for my niece alaina using these sites.
ear warmer pattern
  booties pattern (with two rows of sc stitches instead of the edging)


so i guess i'm that aunt now. =)

i also made biggies a mouse.

i'm off now to see if i can make thumbless mittens to go with the twin's hats in time for tomorrow!


  1. This is all beautiful.

  2. Oh my gosh. I love the adorable booties and beanies. They are so wonderful. Good job Kell. I am soooo impressed. You have to teach me. YOu best be making some for Marlie. Please!!!

  3. thanks ladies!

    miss - you know marlie marie will be getting lots of crocheted goodies from aunt kelli! =)

  4. You're a knitter? cool! I want to learn because I'm going to be an aunt soon too.

    Great treats!

  5. Great gifts! You're very talented :-)

  6. bitt- thanks! i'm just a crocheter. i'd love to learn how to knit, too. seems like you can make so much more knitting. there are a lot of tutorials online to learn how to do both.

    thanks dan! =)

  7. Hi Kelli, by mistake I deleted your comment on my blog- sorry, so I am writing you here, you were asking about chocolate pecan cake, how much coconut oil I have used. I believe I have used approx. 1 cup all together, 1/3 cup for chocolate ganache layer, and 1/2 cup for filling. It turned out perfectly. Hope this will help:) All the best, B


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