Thursday, May 21, 2009

garden happenings

it's been a pretty productive week in the garden, thanks to the beautiful weather we've been having here!

-transplanted two tomato plants my mom started from seed the way Mel said to do it (by laying the stem down so the plant produces more roots) and they are already straightening up.

-planted an eggplant and pepper plant from my dear friend Missy (who was also a gardening virgin until recently).

-repotted my violas from the square foot garden into hanging baskets, along with impatiens my mom also started from seed, and planted about 30 or more impatiens around the front of my home. read that impatiens attract hummingbirds (and my mom also gave me like 30 more) so i'll be planting them in hanging patio boxes soon.

radishes are ready to pop out of the ground, cilantro seeds sprouted, and the sugar snap pea plants are really taking off. we've been eating a large salad almost every other day from our romaine, red sails, and bibb head. growing my own lettuce may be the best financial decision i've ever made! =)

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