Monday, September 30, 2013


i can't stop sneezing. allergies, i'm assuming. today i rinsed with the neti pot and then sat out on the steps in the sun. it felt good. then i saw that floating morning glory and had to snap a picture. i planted the original plant our first year gardening, and more and more come up every year.

i've got some healthy snacks drying in the dehydrator - cheesy kale chips and rainbow flax crackers. i'm excited to see how the flax crackers turn out. i tried to recreate doctor in the kitchen's savory flax crackers with added vegetables, inspired by carmella's rainbow flax crackers.

now john's sneezing, too. and just yesterday i was thinking that we all got away easy this fall. think again, kelli!


  1. oh my...our allergies are crazy this year too! many people I know are being affected, even those who have never had allergies!!! crazy huh!?

    hope you both feel better soon...

    wish I could reach in through the screen and grab a few kale chippies! <3

    1. it is crazy. now my mouth is itchy!

      thank you and i hope you guys do too!

      i always think of you when i make them. the first time i made them cheesy was at your house!

  2. Hope you're okay?!

    Some local honey or apples might help with the symptoms!


    1. i'm ok, thank you! i've been eating apples and pineapple. i also made myself a tonic with apple cider vinegar and turmeric. thank you for reminding me about my local honey! it's raw too.=)

  3. Carrot Juice for allergies!! I just read about this. Get ta juicing girly ;)
    Peace and Raw Health,

    1. thanks elizabeth! and carrots are in season here. we're much better now, thank goodness.=)


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