Sunday, October 6, 2013

recently enjoyed things

sweet dumpling squash // almost as good as kabocha squash! we had it for the first time with this honey-jalapeno roasted squash recipe and wished we had more. such a nice texture and flavor!

taco salad // sauteed peppers, mushrooms, chick peas, hemp seeds and leftover nacho cheese sauce from our cheesy kale chips. could have used a tortilla-type crouton. (in my mind i always say kraut-in. anyone else remember that cosby episode when he takes the kids to the restaurant?)

smoothie ingredients in the blender // i like how the parsley stem sticking out of the blueberries make it look like a bunch of concord grapes, with a little spirulina sprinkled on top.=)

kati napping on the couch // john and i find every place and position she sleeps in adorable and will call each other to come see where she is now. lately she's been spending the night on our bureau, nestled in john's clothes. we've been finding her asleep in the hamper and this morning i found her in my room, head propped up on a scrapbook. i think i need to make her a little cat pillow!=)


  1. Hi, would Kati like to participate in Caturday on my blog? She's so cute.

  2. she sure would! do you need me to send you a picture?


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