Saturday, October 2, 2010

birthday girls

happy birthday to three very special ladies.

one candle for each of you!=)

my sister krista, the most beautiful funny girl i know...

natural beauty

diaper model

 thanksgiving turkey

our niece, alaina, who turned 3 on september 14th. we celebrated with beautiful weather at a park in horsham, pa. the kiddies wacked a pinata and played pin the horn on the unicorn.

i think someone was peekinggg...=)

alaina's cake was like those cool 'ace of cakes' cakes. (one of the shows i miss most since we killed the tv.)

alaina's first cake

her first hours and the first time i held her

alaina then

alaina now

slow down, alaina! you're growing too fast!!!=)

and last but certainly not least, my little sister crystal who turned sweet 16 on september 30th.

i am so grateful for these three girls and love them with all my heart. my birthday everyday wish for them is a happy life filled with passion, peace, love, and laughter.



  1. Wow! you are blessed with a beautiful family, Kellie:) Happy belated Birthday to Kellie's siblings and neice!


  2. Happy birthdays to your relatives! By the way, I'm also 16 like your youger sister. Greetings to her! :)

  3. Awww! I love this! Happy birthday to all three beauties! Alaina is just too cute!

  4. Oh, so sweet! Happy Birthdays! :o) And thank ((you)) Kelli for your lovely message of kindness on the new blog. I love responding over here on your site now...hee! Lots of Love. :o)

  5. it's a b-day party going on up in here! send them blogosphere props and love!

  6. Thank you, Kelli! You are the best sister in the world and I am so greatful that you are my big sis. I've always looked up to you and think you're the cat's meow! Thank you for making me feel special today. =) xoxoxoxo

  7. Love all the beautiful smiles...happy birthday all!


  8. What a beautiful family! Happy birthday to all the gorgeous ladies in your life. xo

  9. Happy Birthday wishes to all three!!
    Great pictures!
    I can almost smell the sweetness of the baby, alaina!

  10. What a gorgeous family! True what Gabriele says - that baby is glowing! Great pics. :)

  11. Happy birthday to all three ladies!! Such a beautiful family:)


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