Friday, October 8, 2010


When you smile, not only do you feel happy, but you also bring a ray of light into the lives of others.


  1. Me too...It made me smile ;-))

  2. Even the dog looks like it's smiling!! :)
    Really cute picture!

  3. love it! You all look so happy and glowing! btw, got the soap nuts today. Yay! Thank you!

  4. thank you!=)

    gabriele - it does look like mr. bear is smiling!

    yay heidi!!! i think you'll love 'em!

  5. Great smiles!! You were all naughty that day but lots of fun. xoxoxoxo

  6. it made me smile too! this kind of photos are rare to find. often there's a forced smile. this american "keep smiling" as we here on the other side of the big pond love to say. but we're acting the same way! there are a few good pictures where i'm acting naturally. but i think it's hard to be natural when someone says "smile". the photographer has to be a good philosopher.


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