Wednesday, September 29, 2010

she's baaackkk

finally got my laptop back! bad news - they couldn't fix the 7h problem. good news - they gave me a little keyboard to use, free of charge! it's going to take some getting used to, but i'm just glad the old gateway is still up and running!

i hope you didn't mind my previous cut-and-paste posts. every day i visit peace village's thought for the day and receive insightful emails from the daily om. they write such gems that i feel the need to share.

today's thought from peace village:

Today is a day of new opportunities. Let me not lose them by dwelling on the past.

i'm three weeks behind on my csa updates and even further behind on food pics, but dwell i shall not!=) 

week 12

week 13

 week 14

today's dinner was a super yummy stir-fry with kabocha squash (the pumpkin-looking guy from week 12) bok choy and peppers from week 13, and broccoli and patty pan squash from 14 (this week). the veggies were chopped and steamed with sliced button mushrooms...

... then served over quinoa with chopped mango, cilantro and a variation of quinoa salad marinade:

2 T coconut oil
1/4 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp raw organic agave
1/2" piece of ginger (or more), grated
3 T shoyu or tamari

i added 1 T chunky peanut butter (any nut butter would be tasty) and a clove of garlic per john's recommendation. good call, johnny boy!

this was our first time trying kabocha squash and the verdict is - delicious! tomorrow i'd like to roast it with kale, maple syrup, pecans and shoyu for a sweet and savory seasonal dish.

how do you like to prepare winter squash?


  1. To be honest I don't eat tons of winter squash but in a medley of veggies it is nice.

    No problems with you reposting if the site does not mind you doing it! I am mulling over todays thought. I try not to dwell too much on the past but sometimes I get confused by it. If there are no lessons to be learned then it's more important to move on than stress over it.

  2. I like pureed squash soup and squash ravioli. And a good pie doesn't hurt either :)

  3. Love today's thought. :) And your stir-fry looks so good. Most squashes I just simply enjoy baked topped with some coconut oil and S&P.

  4. Thanks for the idea on what to do with my kabocha squash :) That sounds delicious!!

  5. Thank-you Kelli for today's thought, just what one needed to read!

    Love, love, love your fresh produce pictures:)

  6. squash is seriously a favorite of mine. we do veggie bakes with carrot, squash, potatoes, parsnips, onions and is amazing and it's our winter comfort food.

    as for the CSA, yours seriously kicks mine's ASS! how much is yours per week, if you don't mind me asking? mine is $25/week

  7. Your veggies look fantastic, what a fine CSA you are a part of. I love the stir fry, we have been enjoying different combinations of stir fry off and on all good.

    I like squash almost any way, baked, fried, pie, you name it. Perhaps the most common way we use winter squash is to simple grate it up raw as an addition to our salads...any sweet winter squash is great this way.:)

  8. thanks for the ideas!

    mr. h - i never thought to grate it raw! i'll have to try it.

    rick - i paid $385 for 16 weeks, which comes to a little over $24 a week.

  9. Yum! Everything looks so great! Glad you are back and I am glad squash is back! :) Yay Fall!

  10. Thank you so much for the links to those sites...I signed up for their emails right away:) I do not mind one bit if you re-post from somewhere..the message is important and so I'm just glad you shared it with us:)
    Your CSA looks amazing! Yum! I wish I had more greens left..maybe some winter gardening?
    Your stir-fry looks delish and I love that you put the squash in there! And the sweet and savory dish sounds perfect.
    I usually just roast the squash in the oven and then decide what to do with it afterwards lol! I usually just add a sauce to it. This year I'm on a mission to make butternut soup!

  11. Everything looks so yummy!!
    I am sad to say that I will miss out on cooking squash...I just feel awful on cooked food. The only cooked that doesn't bother me is quinoa. LOVE it raw sprouted and once in a great while cooked. My tummy does best on raw.
    Enjoy your squash this season!!

  12. thanks ladies!=)

    melissa, i started some kale babies about a month ago in hopes of having them grow throughout the winter. we'll see!

    elizabeth - mmm quinoa! only tried sprouting it once and it smelled funky.

    i feel better on raw, too, but cooked veggies don't seem to bother me in moderation. mr h. suggested above to eat grated winter squash on salads. i imagine it would taste nice in some sort of "fall slaw" as well!=)

  13. ((Kelli!)) Gorgeous photos! And I've come to redirect you to my new site, as my old blog/id is (closed and) not connected to my new site/moniker. But I think you'll know it's "me!" :o)

  14. ms. a - thank you, and love love LOVE your new blog!!!

  15. I keep it simple. I bake squash slowly at 325 for an hour. Then I chop it open, up the temp to 385 and let it rip for another 45 minutes to an hour. Then I eat it. Straight out of the hull.

    Sometimes I'll make soup - real simple stuff - coconut milk with vegan vegetable broth, garlic, onions, salt, pepper.

    Sometimes I'll make a pie. Most of the time, it's just squash and a dash of sea salt or vegan butter.

    That said - I love your ginger sauce recipe! Talk about easy. It sounds very savory too, with just the right mix of sweet and salty. Looking forward to trying it! :)


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