Sunday, April 15, 2012

floral love

come to mama

something strange is happening - i'm perusing shoe ads for fun! my whole life i dreaded shoe shopping. maybe because i thought my feet were too big and when i wear heels i get at least three comments on my behemoth height. the only shoes i've ever really liked were jellies and flip-flops.

now i find myself actually admiring shoes. they just seem prettier to me these days, and i love that there are so many comfortable flats to choose from.

yes please

shoe shopping can be annoying because i try not to buy real leather or suede. then i found this site called lulu's that sells cute vegan shoes. some of their products are even made in the usa, like this dress i bought recently.

come to think of it, i'm enjoying clothes shopping a tiny bit, too. i think it's the feminine look i'm really drawn to that's more prevalent these days, especially the florals. when buying clothes i take a practical standpoint (will i get a lot of wear out of it?), and in my opinion floral prints have a timeless, classic look.

to wrap up this post that maybe two of you find interesting, i'm really loving the florals. are you?


  1. I feel ya! My addiction as of late are handmade skirts from Etsy. A bought a few made with hand dyed fabric. How can you say no to supporting an artist! Or that is what I tell myself when I want to buy another ;)

  2. handmade purchases are always justified!=)

  3. Yes those shoes and that dress are gorgeous. :)

  4. Love this post! Flat shoes are my favourite, too. I don't like heels at all. And florals are always beautiful.

  5. The dress is adorable and I hope to see you wear it!!!!! xoxoxox


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