Tuesday, August 16, 2011

choosing the right watermelon

when choosing a juicy ripe watermelon, remember these two words: look and lift


  • watermelon should be symmetrical and free of major bruises or soft spots
  • a sweet watermelon will be deep green with a light yellow or creamy colored spot where it sat on the ground to ripen


  • the ripest watermelons are the heaviest, so choose a watermelon that feels heavy for its size
  • feel the spot where the watermelon was attached to the vine - it should be firm and clean (not soft or rotted)


      1. Mmmmmm now I want some watermelon! :) Thanks for these tips. I shall use them when I pick my next one.


      2. look and lift, ok good to remember. sounds like also good advice for a self breast exam. ;-)

      3. awesome tips! I always hesitate buying watermelons because I never knew how to pick them- but they are one of my favorite fruits to eat!

      4. thanks for the tips! That first pic is pretty.

      5. btw, love the new banner! great look.

      6. Yummy! Watermelon is my fave!

      7. Interesting. I learned something. I always followed the advice of my dad, may he rest in peace. He said all you had to do to choose the correct, ripe melon was knock on it with your knuckles---thump it a time or three. The sound of the thump was supposed to tell me something but I ain't got a clue what. Sorta' like kickin' the tires of a car you are thinkin' about buyin'.......

      8. i'm getting my first piximelon next week, can't wait!

      9. lisa, may you pick a beauty!=)

        bitt, ha! for that - lift and squeeze, like with avocadoes.=)

        tammy, same here. it used to be a mystery to me!

        heidi, thanks!

        clint, ha, i've seen people do the thumping but i have no idea what it's supposed to sound like...

        rick, yum! never heard of it but it sounds cute!=)

      10. I'm still struggling to get over that first picture...haven't had a peice of watermelon in so long and it looks so good.

      11. good advice - i LOVE watermelon at this time of year :-)

      12. Yummy! My favorite Summer fruit. :)

        P.s. We go to the beach in Long Branch or Avon. That's where we grew up!

      13. Thanks for the tips! Seriously, this has been a bad summer in regards to watermelons for me! I swear, I've bought at least 30 and have maybe had 1 or 2 goods ones... No joke. Although, I think it might have something to do with the horrible heat here in the midwest!

      14. I just found your blog and I am ecstatic! Can't wait to read EVERYTHING!

      15. Oh I feel like watermelon now, pity that it is still winter in New Zealand!!!

        Thanks for the tips,

      16. Oh, goodness. I still haven't had a watermelon yet this season! I always wondered how to pick one, I'm going to have to go use these tips and get myself a good one!

      17. super tips, thanks so much.
        I really only like to eat the ones with seeds. What the heck IS a seedless watermelon anyway??My kids always ask that!
        Peac and Raw Health,


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