Thursday, September 3, 2009

where, oh where have my recipes gone?

oh where, oh where could they be?

my organization skills are pitiful but i managed to compile all of my hand-written and printed recipes into a nice plastic blue folder so i wouldn't lose them, but now the folder is missing. i like that most of recipes are right here on this blog but of course not the apple cobbler recipe i created myself and won't be able to find anywhere but in that blue folder!

my grandmom says to pray to St. Anthony when something is missing, so St. Anthony, will you pleeease help me find my recipes (and my sanity while you're at it)??? thank you in advance!

(hey, in this day and age i'm sure saints even read blogs. missy is a latter-day saint and she reads my blog :P)

update: i found them in my room hiding under my duffel bag that is half unpacked from last week's stay at my mom's - at exactly 4:44! (i love when i catch 11:11 and triple number times =) thank you Saint Anthony!!!


  1. OMG I say the prayer to St Anthony all the time! MY GRANDMA taught it to me!!!! How funny!

    *Please St Anthony come around*
    *And find the recipes that can't be found!*


  2. 11.11!! That's the angelic number:)

  3. Good thing you found it, I need some good recipes STAT! I know what you mean about the clock, I alwasy find myself going, hey cool it is 1:11 or 12:34, and people look at me like, so what?!

  4. i'm getting tired of following recipes. i wish i were a trained chef so i could just whip up my own meals! i have to call you back about the christina classes!

    i read that catching 11:11 and times like that are not random coincidences. whether they are or not, little things like that just make life more interesting, imo.

  5. funny thing I always find the time to be something :47.. 4 + 7 = 11.. Kelli was born on the!!11th.. Kris the 3rd, craig the 6th..split the 11 as 1+1 and add to 3 and 6 and I get 4+7 =11 ...haha...I have lots of these.. yes I'm weird...xoxox


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