Sunday, June 9, 2013


last weekend we had my niece alaina for a sleepover. here we are before one of aunt krista's celebration dinners.

my sister krista graduated with honors from thomas jefferson university. she received a bachelor's degree in nursing. krista is so smart, sweet and incredibly funny. patients will be very lucky to have nurse krista taking care of them!=)

despite the crazy spring weather, most things are growing nicely in our garden. last month some volunteers sprouted what looked like zucchini, so i left them.

now they're producing round fruit - can anyone help me identify this mystery plant?

the mint is growing beautifully and adds such a nice fragrance to the garden. people say i'll rue the day i planted that spearmint because it can get out of control, but for now i love it!

we've been harvesting broccoli, peas, lettuce, collard and kale.

i'm thinking of making kale chips for the june 25th food swap. it's the one year anniversary of the south jersey food swap being held at one flew over farm in may's landing. should be a lot of fun!

today was garlic harvest time. this year we grew about fifty bulbs! i may also swap garlic, if it dries in time.

tomorrow marks the start of muth family farm's organic csa. can't wait to see what they have for us this season!

 miss kati says bye for meow!=)


  1. Nice harvest of peas and garlic! that round squash looks like pumpkin to me. good luck and hope it taste good!

    1. thanks jenny! what a pleasant surprise!=)

  2. congrats to your sis!!!

    your garden looks seedlings didn't work out, except for my peas, except they are still growing...we bought some baby plants as well. we also planted flowers and trees. this weekend we bought more plants...haha! we're a little addicted to planting I think.

    give little miss kati a hug from me...<3

    1. thanks nelly. i understand the addiction!=)

  3. Congrats to your sis! Looks like all is well! :)))


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