Thursday, June 20, 2013

i spy with my little eye...

something gray!

one hot, sunny day i found kati cooling off in the mint. cutie.

eight thirty this morning i found myself engaged in an exciting game of i spy with the kiddies. again i spied something gray. a rock? no. the driveway? no. that house? no. the mailbox? no.

"I KNOW!" screamed the seven year-old, standing above me where i sat on the step. "your HAIR!!!"

HA! no, your shoes, but thanks for noticing!=)

for those of you here for the food, sorry the pictures are monotonous. our meals have been pretty repetitive but delicious nonetheless. i put the matchstick beets on everything. one of the little ones said to me today, "those again?" yup, and thank you for noticing. (these kids don't miss a thing!=)

zucchini pasta with hemp seeds and nutritional yeast // salad with chioggia beet, pumpkin seeds and raisins. the flowers are edible borage from the garden.

 similar salad with garden snap peas and a variation of carmella's house dressing with hemp seeds

 a flavorful mix of leftover herb cole slaw and beet and arugula salad

happy last day of spring! hard to believe summer is officially here!



  1. This post made me LOL! Your cat is adorable ;) and your food pictures look yummy!! =)

  2. love your food <3 and that cat is so cute!!! :-) xox

  3. Looks delicious Kell!! I'm hungry now!! Kati is so cute by the way. I can't believe I haven't met her. I will see you at JT's b day I hope!! Miss you!!!!

  4. Kati always puts a big smile on my face :-D

  5. I just want to smoosh that kitty..soooooo cute!!!
    Those beets are so beautiful, I just love seeing them in all of your lovely food pics. I wish we had some of those beets down here.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  6. pretty,edible phood plus one cute furry feline love!!!

  7. I am REALLY enjoying your blog :)


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