Monday, July 30, 2012

july snippets

1 // community garden - in full bloom.
2 // first corn harvest - tasted horrible but looked real pretty!
3 // muth organic csa basket
4 // homemade raw sauerkraut with tomato, caraway and dill seed
5 // my mother and i picked organic blueberries in hammonton, nj, "the blueberry capital of the world." made blueberry granola....
6 // lots of blueberry smoothies...
7 // and the most delicious raw blueberry pie!
8 // john and i are eating a lots and lots of raw foods. this has been the month of tomato sandwiches!
9 // a scary summer storm rolling in
10 // cute little bachelor buttons
11 // flowers pre-pressing
12 // my favorite turquoise bowl filled with heirloom, yellow and plum tomatoes.
13 // kati-cakes snoozing with some fruit=)
14 // rereading my beloved anne series and just finished the sweet 'anne of the island'.
15 // colorful salad with edible flowers and an adorable radish 'shroom
16 // sunflower - it wouldn't feel like july without 'em.

i hope you're all enjoying your summer (winter if you're in australia=). due to a sore right arm i'm unable to blog and comment as much as i'd like. with some rest and home remedies i plan to heal and be back soon. have a happy monday!=)


  1. Great pics! Looks like a great and yummy Juky!

    1. thanks lauren! it was very yummy! now i can't wait for watermelon!=)

  2. The corn picture caught my attention because of it's unusual colours. Too bad that it tasted horrible! :) Ahh... blueberry pie, my favourite. Make sure you get ample rest and hope that your arm feels better soon! Good day and have a lovely week ahead!

    1. thank you bree! it would have been disappointing but i was able to dry some out for fall decorations, and my arm's feeling a little better each day!=)

  3. Beautiful photos!
    My mom has that EXACT edition of the Anne of Green Gables series. They're her favorite books ever. :]
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. thank you sarah! oh, you're mom sounds likes a kindred spirit!=) know that i've been reading and enjoying your posts!

  4. I see Lisa's onion bread!!! Yummy in my tummy!
    Peace and Raw Health,
    Hope you are doing ok!

    1. good eye elizabeth! speaking of eyes, i'm not sure i'll be making it again anytime soon. because of the onions john's eyes were burning terribly, even though he was in the other room! maybe i'll wait for a day when he's not home.

      i'm doing fine, elizabeth, thank you! hope all is well with you too! xoxoxo


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