Saturday, October 1, 2011

daily affirmation in action

to some it may sound hokey, but i believe daily affirmations manifest positive change. 

 (the quintessential daily affirmation flower photo=)

"Today I will be fine with whatever happens.  I will go with the flow.  I will remain carefree."

last night before dinner, john and i set out to pick up a few things from our local supermarket, which is roughly a mile from our home. 

we were halfway there when we saw that the area separating our town from the market was flooded. we're not sure if the creek overflowed or what, but we never saw anything like it.

countless roads were under water and traffic in some directions was standstill. there was no way to get to the market, unless we wanted to get out and swim.

we had to take a long detour just to go in the direction of home. hungry and unprepared for this little adventure, it could have been frustrating, but john and i went with it.

after a few unfamiliar turns we found ourselves in the midst of a hidden gem, driving past adorable houses right on the creek! who knew this paradise existed so close to our urban dwelling?!

a view from one of the homes posted on trulia website

further driving saw us minutes from where my little sister (from bbbs) lives. it was her birthday, and the idea popped in my head to bring her balloons.

so some crappy detours led to some sweet surprises. i just wish i had my camera with me. you would have flipped over these houses. one was even named... creek hollow. love it. so fall-like.

"Today I will be fine with whatever happens.  I will go with the flow.  I will remain carefree."


  1. Wow! This is an amazing thing!

  2. "Today I will be fine with whatever happens. I will go with the flow. I will remain carefree."

    Absolutely! This week I was reminded that it is the EVENT (which we can't be control) + our REACTION (which we can control) which determines the OUTCOME ... Your affirmation and impromptu adventure are great examples of this :-)

  3. i miss reading your blogggggg.

    im really behind. BUT I WILL BE CAUGHT UP SOON.

    I hope everything is going well. I see some butternut squash below me --fave :P

  4. daily affirmations my life more worthwhile too. thinking positively definitely helps to manifest positive change! <3

  5. I loved that some of the houses are named- reminds me of Anne of Green Gables:)

  6. I'm so glad you went with the flow! And I, too, believe that affirmations bring about positive change :-) Cheers!

  7. My grandmother always has believed and daily affirmations and sometimes sends them to me. Amazing how this one was so true.

  8. Yay for unplanned adventures! & That view is beautiful!

  9. How awesome! Love that it was totally unplanned and you just had fun.


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