Friday, December 14, 2012

homemade holiday progress

it seems i've gotten in over my head with this year's homemade gifts, as usual. it was fun to start, but now it's getting a bit tedious. my least favorite part of crafting is adding the finishing touches.

making to-do types of lists is fun, and so is blogging, so i thought i'd take a little coffee break and share my progress with you. this is one of my ways of finding joy in the labor.=)

crochet dolls: sew sonic together, figure out what to do with lambie's frills, add arms and face to hello kitty.

granny square purses: hand-sew liners into the bags. (the sewing machine doesn't work. boohoo.)

bearded hat: beard and 'stache are done. need to get a hat - no way am i crocheting one now.

potpourri jars: need to buy and dehydrate oranges. maybe add tags.

coupon gifts: good for free babysitting and housework. just need to write them out.

finished: notebooks for the purses

pending: raw chocolates, car caddy (wishful thinking), crochet headbands

i don't have anything to show you of my progress, but i do have a shot of a jolly old man behind me in line. he was buying a paper cutter! even santa's getting crafty this year!=)


  1. You really are an elf! xoxox

    1. shh, santa said it's supposed to be a secret!=)xoxoxo

  2. I can't believe he was behind you in line...too funny. He was your subliminal message to get tah craftin!!
    Peace and Raw Health,

    1. i know! he came out of nowhere too!=

  3. Wow! Aren't you the creative one!! It sounds like you're having fun. For me, the worst part is wrapping stuff. Not a fan! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!
    Sending hugs ~


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