Friday, May 20, 2011

prom pictures

'tis the season for proms, so i thought i'd scan and share some photos. did you attend your school proms? did you also find them to be silly and overrated?

 junior prom 1998

 senior prom 1999

nothing magical happened at my proms. as i recall, the date above spent most of the time at the buffet instead of dancing with me. we also got lost on the way home. 

however, i did love my dresses, though i stressed for months finding them. perhaps this is the root of my aversion to weddings. too much work for one night, imo.

funny fact: we double-dated with john and his girlfriend at the time, so i did kind of go to my senior prom with johnny boy.=)


  1. You don't really want to know, do you? I double dated for my senior prom, and the other girl lived way out in the country. My date and his friend picked me up first, then we headed out the country roads to pick up the girl. I got carsick! They had to stop and let me barf along side of the road, all dressed up in my formal was not a pretty sight, and terribly embarrassing! Fortunately, I made it through the remainder of the evening with no further mishaps.

  2. My senior prom was in 1979 or was that in 1978? well anyway it was a long time ago but it was fun... from what I can remember :-)

    You look so cute! I still had a mouth full of braces.

  3. Funny how life works out sometimes. Neat you were still with John. My boyfriend broke up with me at the prom, so a big waste of money for nothing. I don't have fond prom memories.

  4. Well, I always had a date for the dances, but it always took me three weeks to get up enough courage to ask a girl for a date. Then, on the actual date, I was too scared to hardly talk to her because of my severe lack of self-confidence. Geeez----I'm glad those days are over.

    You are beautiful.

  5. As a child I loved the SweetDreams and Sweet Valley High series of books published by Batam(sp) and thus was so envious of the US-based school prom date(we didn't have them back then like we do now, they are everywhere thanks to the big country:)! What exquisite and lovely memories you have:)

    ciao bella!


  6. Wow, Memories!! You look so cute! We should go crash a prom! Ha! That would be hilarious.

  7. well granny, now you have a funny story to tell.=)

    thanks liisa! my braces were on all through middle school.

    jane, what a butthead! dances were always more fun for me when i went solo or with a guy friend.

    why thank you, clint! i'm glad those days are over, too.

    cosmic, i read sweet valley high too, though the babysitter's club series was my favorite.=)

    miss, you couldn't pay me to find a dress and go to another prom!=)

  8. You look beautiful. Love your dresses.
    Prom was a great thing for me/us because I went to them with my sweet, sweet hubby. We went to rival high schools--so we went to two proms one year and then one prom during his senior year. I was a freshman in college when he was a senior in high school (I am 6 months older). I had to get three dresses, which was fun. We met at age 16 and had a magical time at both proms. We were young but knew that we would be married "some day". We ended up courting each other for 7 years (had to finish college) and have been married for 21 years in July. I think I told you some of this already--sorry for being redundant.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  9. Cute photos! We don't have proms here.

  10. Great pics. Love your date's hair.

  11. Cute! You look so sweet and darling! I didn't go to prom. Sad.


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